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18 Day Indonesia Charter Itinerary - Moyo Island to Labuan Bajo

Travelling Through Indonesia

Ideal for Summer Season

When one week, or even two, are not enough for that once in a lifetime holiday you’ve always dreamed of, an 18 day trip through the stunning country of Indonesia could be just what you need. Cruising through all of the best sights that Indonesia has to offer, you will encounter native creatures you won’t see anywhere else, active volcanos , hidden waterfalls and many more treats that mother nature has supplied. If a beach holiday is your idea of paradise there are plenty of private beaches waiting for you, complete with secluded coves for a bit of quiet time. On the other hand, if you love an adrenaline rush there are loads of opportunitites for you to bring out the jet skis and diving gear.

  • Day 1

    Moyo Island

    After touching down at Sumbawa airport, your luxury charter yacht adventure begins straight away as you board your chosen vessel in the harbour.

    After settling into your home for the next 17 nights, take a tour of the luxury charter yacht with a glass of champagne as your crew raise the anchor and set sail for your first destination, Moyo Island.

    As the perfect place to introduce you to the incredible natural backdrop of Indonesia, the national park on Moyo Island is the epitomy of what to expect from your Indonesian tour. Stroll through the dense forestry and seek the hidden waterfalls, stashed away at the heart of the island. Have a dip and relax in the serenity of the spot before returning in the direction you came to see a traditional Indonesian village, complete with a tribe.

    Complete your first day with a dive into the nearby waters to get a taste for the spectacular marine life you will see plenty of during your unforgettable trip.

  • Day 2

    Sangeang & Gili Banta

    You have a busy day ahead of you on your first full day with your chosen luxury charter yacht. Today you visit two different locations with very different terrains.

    Your first stop is Sangeang, which also happens to be home to the active volcano of Sangeang Api. The rugged terrain creates a unique diving experience as you explore the black sand and interesting rock formations. Marine life is not flourishing in this area due to the nature of the location but the remnants of the volcano leave an intriguing experience for you.

    Have lunch on board your luxury charter yacht as your cruise away to your second location for the day at Gili Banta. At the other end of the scale in regards to terrain and looks, Gili Banta is an escape paradise ideal for a lazy afternoon. Relax on the sumptuous sands with a parasol and a book or investigate the more active waters as you see some more of the fascinating marine life in this area of the world.

  • Day 3

    Gili Lawa Laut & Gili Lawa Darat

    Prepare to get very wet today as you explore the Gili Lawa islands,  close by to the popular island of Komodo.

    These islands offer elevated terrains for memorable picnics with sweeping panoramic views and easy access to some of the best dive sites in the area. Anchoring down close to the coast you have the chance to plunge into the depths to see popular dive sites like Crystal Rock and The Passage. Marine life is in abundance here, meaning you won’t know where to look first. Make the most of the dives with your underwater camera.

    If taking the plunge gets a little repetitive for you don’t forget to burn some built up energy by bringing out the toys. Water sports are a great way to break up a day of diving so take the jet skis for a spin or take your time with some windsurfing or rowinw a small boat.

    One last adventure for the day is to once again climb the raised terrain to find a cosy spot to watch the impeccable sunset.

  • Day 4

    South West Komodo

    On to one of the most popular islands in the area, Komodo island is home to the well known komodo dragon.

    As the main island of the Komodo archipelago it isn’t a surprise that this island has some unusual and exciting experiences. Today you will once again take the plunge into the cool waters, but this time you will have some swimming companions.

    Diving at Manta Point, you will be accompanied by many manta rays as they approach you with all their curiosity. Dancing around you, the rays will get up very close giving you the chance to take some incredible photos. Spend all the time you can with these incredible creatures before taking a break, ready to make another dive. This time you are on the lookout for many underwater regulars including tuna, barracuda and wrasse.

    Drying off after your dives is easy as you spend the rest of the day beachcombing and relaxing on the quiet, soft sands of the coastline.

  • Day 5

    Riung Marine National Park

    Continuing your Indonesian tour, your next port of call is the Riung Marine National Park.

    Located off the coast of Flores, this national park consists of 24 isles which are all protected under the legislation of the park. Being a monitored zone, the wildlife and natural flora and fauna are left to thrive, making this an amazing stop on your 18 day experience.

    Due to the nature of the area, you cannot remove any items from the sea or the isles but you can take as many photos as you like. The best opportunity to get some truly spectacular shots will be underneath the waves with the native marine life. Using the multitude of corals as a vibrant backdrop will give you some stunning photos worthy of being framed.

    After exploring the marine world of the Riung Marine National Park the rest of the day is yours to explore elevated terrains and to indulge in a michelin style meal onboard your luxury charter yacht.

  • Day 6


    A slightly different day awaits you on day 6 as you are whisked away by a tour guide at Maumere.

    Indonesian habitants on the islands are loyal to their traditions and still live as they did decades ago. Small tribes can be found in some villages and quaint fishermen communities can be found in others. Today you will see an icon from the past which is in the shape of a church. This particular church is well known on Maumere and dates back to 1899. There is a mixture of beliefs on the island but all residents are welcome in the sanctity of the ancient building.

    Before leaving Sikka village, there’s the chance to visit a small museum dedicated to the local area and a fishing scene featuring small family businesses selling freshly caught seafood and locally made textiles.

    The rest of your day at Maumere is yours to spend as you wish. Enjoy a full body massage and a 5 course meal as you watch another beautiful sunset over the Indonesian waters.

  • Day 7

    Northern Kawula

    Hitting the one week mark on your Indonesian luxury charter yacht tour couldn’t be more explosive than a day at North Kawula.

    Your day in this area will be dominated by one of mother nature’s most destructive inventions, volcanos. Your first volcano for the day is Ile Ape. Start off your exploration by investigating the interesting array of hard corals lurking beneath the volcano before climbing ashore to see just how much detsruction a volcano can cause. Kampung Lama, at the base of the volcano, still possesses remains of houses and other artefacts from previous eruptions. In addition to the ruins at Kampung Lama, there is also an impressive 30 metre skeleton of a blue whale at the small village of Ionata.

    Moving on to your next piece of destruction, you will cruise over to Komba Island off the northern coast of Flores. This island is nestled in to what the locals call the ring of fire and it proudly boasts a still very active volcano. Once again you can explore the waters surrounding the island but the best sights can be seen as the light begins to fade and you catch glimpses of lava from Batu Tara at sunset. 

  • Day 8


    Tribal life in Indonesia is still the modern way of living at the village of Takpala.

    A trip to Indonesia isn’t complete without seeing a tribe so tick it off the list today as you see a tribe in all their glory. Laden with traditional tools and armaments, the habitants here are welcoming and cautious at the same time but are all too happy to talk to you about their way of life. Spend a little time watching them go about their daily business before returning to your luxury charter yacht to move on to another port of call for the day.

    After a light lunch, your luxury charter yacht will drop anchor at Pura Island. Located in the middle of the Alor strait there is a quaint little village to see but most of the action is to be found underneath the waves. Scattered around Pura Island are a great number of dive and snorkelling sites which appeal to every level of experience. Beginners can get hands on experience and more advanced divers can still get that familiar adrenaline rush.

  • Day 9

    Alor Channel

    Your day at the Alor Channel will mostly be spent in the cool, crisp waters.

    Much like the coastline around Pura Island, there are a great number of dive sites which continually attract many visitors to the area throughout the year. Take your pick of the litter as you take your first dive of the day as early as you can. Beat the other divers to it and see many shoals of brightly coloured fish and other small creatures as the begin their day under the sea.

    Continue to take as many dives as you have the energy for during the day but remember to keep some strength for the evening. Today your luxury charter yacht will take you to the site of an incredible night dive. Close to Kalabahi, the Mucky Mosque offers incredible views of many small critters native to the area as well as more fish like your previous daytime dives.

  • Day 10


    A village with a past, Beangabang offers valuable insight into the leftovers of a volcanic eruption.

    Climb ashore to see the small village nestled into the bay and get a true taste of culture for the people who live here. The residents are welcoming and friendly towards all their visitors so spend some time here and try some locally sourced and prepared food before continuing to explore the area.

    If heat doesn’t pose much of a threat to you, it’s time to test your limits, within reason. Some of the black sands on the beaches of Beangabang are said to be so hot they are actually steaming. This could be dangerous to walk on but if you’re that curious perhaps try putting down a blanket before setting foot on the beach.

    Cooling off from the super hot black sand is easy with an interesting dive site directly beneath the waves. The lava flow on the land continues in to the depths and makes an intersting sight, especially with the small critters who now reside with the black sand.

  • Day 11


    The island of Bajawa is covered with dense forestry which offers a beautiful setting for a day of exploring, followed by pure relaxation.

    Start off the day by visiting a couple of small Ngada called Luba and Bena. Sat in close contentment within the forest, and with views of Mount Inerie, the villages co exist with a mixture of beliefs which villagers are happy to share with visitors. There are a great number of crosses on the houses and it isn’t hard to see how religion affects the everyday lives of these friendly villagers. Meet the locals at a more intimate level as you visit their local market which showcases some of the local produce and handmade items from the family businesses.

    Once you’ve bought some small purchases from the merchants return to your luxury charter yacht to be whisked away for an afternoon of splendour. Your dedicated crew know all the secrets of the area so they will take you to a beautiful private beach so you can relax in complete peace and solitude. Your evening can then be completed with a comfortable barbeque on the beach with cushions and throws for you to rest on.

  • Day 12

    Mount Kelimutu

    You are in for a breathtaking treat today as you take a short trip from Ende to the stunning Mount Kelimutu.

    Translating as the Mountain Of The Spirits, there is a mythical and magical feel about this place which will become apparant as you begin to explore. There are 3 lakes here which should all be on your things to do list. The first is Tiwu ata Mbupu which means Lake Of Old People. This is the most western of the lakes on the island and is usually a beautiful shade of blue.

    The second lake is Nuwa Muri Koo Fai, Lake of Young Men and Maiden, and the third is Tiwu Ata Polo which is known as the Enchanted or Bewitched Lake. These latter two lakes are separated merely by a crater wall and the waters change between the colours of red and green. The colour changing ability of the waters is largely down to the mineral deposits within the water but there are still many local legends which tell different stories as to why the colours of the lake change.

    After visiting these magical lakes there is a small market to see, consisting of family run businesses and locally produced specialities. Indulge in some local treats before adjorning to your luxury charter yacht for an evening of fine wine and excellent cuisine.

  • Day 13


    Day 13 of your Indonesian tour is all about spectacular views.

    Eat a hearty breakfast on board your luxury charter yacht to prepare yourself for a demanding day of trekking. Your climb begins by hiking through a dense area of rainforest, looking out for native wildlife and indigneous flora and fauna. Emerging at the other end of the rainforest you will arrive at Wae Lomba creek. This is an area of incredible natural beauty and a location you won’t want to miss. Take a breather from the long walk and enjoy the peace and serenity of the creek before continuing through hills to see sweeping views at Pocoroko, and then moving onto Nampe Bakok.

    After taking in the pretty overhead view of the traditional village of Waerebo you will start the downwards journey to the village to have a well earned lunch with the locals. Try the tasty local cuisine and fill yourself up ready for the remainder of the return journey down the elevations back to your luxury charter yacht to spend a relaxing afternoon on the deck or making circles with the jet skis.


  • Day 14

    South Rinca

    Comparatively different to other areas of the island, South Rinca is an exciting area with a very popular hotspot.

    Locally known as Nusa Kode, Horse Shoe Bay is a prime location for watching the native komodo dragons in action. Patrolling their territory in a somewhat more aggressive manner than other locations, keep an eye on the dragons as they watch their beach against a bold backdrop of jungle. If you’re feeling brave, take a walk through the jungle area with a local guide to see some of the exciting wildlife including wild boar, deer and a vibrant collection of birds.

    For the second half of your day at South Rinca you have plenty of time to visit the underwater sites including Cannibal Rock, which happens to be one of the most popular dives in the world for seeing small marine critters. When diving here you can expect to see seahorses, nudibranches and large shoals of fish.

  • Day 15

    South West Komodo

    As the main island of the Komodo archipelago, there are plenty of reasons why Komodo is a very popular island, one of which you can be revisiting on day 15 of your luxury charter yacht tour.

    Adorning your diving gear, you will once again join the cool waters around the Komodo coastline to have some quality time with a large quantity of manta rays. The inquisitive creatures will again come up very close and dance circles around you as you try your hardest to catch every moment on your underwater camera. Take a couple of trips to the dive if you have time to truly make the most of this spectacular experience.

    If you don’t fancy doing the manta rays twice, ho about being whisked away to your very own private beach? Relax through the afternoon with some sunbathing and beachcombing, while taking breaks from the heat by visiting the small coves dotted along the cliff face.

  • Day 16

    Pulau Padar

    Sat in the middle of the boundaries of the national park, Pulau Padar is a beautiful spot for a restful day in the Indonesian waters.

    Start off the day by beating other divers to it, and adventure below the waves to see some more of the beautiful marine life which resides here. The rich minerals and well kept quality of the waters in the national park mean you will see a great number of different species of marine life and in vast quantities too.

    Submerge into the waters around Pulau Padar in various locations to see the best sights on offer in the area for divers, before spending a peaceful afternoon on a soft powdery beach and maybe an hour or two of water sports.

  • Day 17

    North Rinca

    Back to the island of Rinca, you now visit the northern coast.

    Like other areas of the island you will have great opportunities to spot some native wildlife. Creatures you can expect to see include deers, monkeys, wild boar and of course the komodo dragons. Back with another local guide you will be taken to the best places to see the highlights of North Rinca before returning to your luxury charter yacht.

    Your final afternoon in the Indonesian waters will be spent at Pulau Kaaba where you can see the komodo dragons’ favourite food, flying foxes. This peaceful location marks the final port of call of your tour so enjoy your final evening with a candlelit dinner on the decking with a generous helping of exotic  cocktails.

  • Day 18

    Labuan Bajo

    As your point of disembarking. Labuan Bajo signals the start of your journey home.

    Indulge in one last filling breakfast freshly prepared by your crew as you prepare to leave your luxury charter yacht. Make one last visit to a small Indonesian village for that last taste of culture before heading to the airport and begin plans for your next charter yacht trip.

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