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10 Day Indonesia Charter Itinerary - Moyo Island to Labuan Bajo

Discovering Indonesia In 10 Days

Ideal for Summer Season

In a country filled with staggering backdrops of incredible natural beauty, a cruise around the pristine waters of Indonesia is an idyllic break away that you will never forget. Meandering around stunning coastlines in your chosen luxury charter yacht you will enjoy the very best of Indonesia including beautiful beaches, unrivalled panoramic views and wildlife you won’t see anywhere else. Starting off at Moyo Island you will have every opportunity to relax, play and indulge as you travel from island to island in the search of some of the most beautiful sights in this area of the world.

  • Day 1-3

    Moyo Island

    For the beginning of your 10 day trip in Indonesia you will spend the first three days on Moyo Island. The exclusive resort of Amanwana offers sublime amenities as well as a setting you can only dream of.

    As part of a nature reserve, Moyo Island is in top condition due to the protective boundaries issued by the local authorities. Meaning that any trip to Moyo Island is guaranteed to be spectacular. Make a start by investigating the dense thick of forest on the island which is home to several species of wildlife including deer, wild boar and macaque monkeys. Explore the marked out trails to truly appreciate the splendour of the forest and discover some hidden treasures including some pretty waterfalls before heading back out into the sunshine to enjoy the almost empty stretch of beaches.

    In addition to the impressive forests on the land, Moyo Island is also popular for the diving opportunities around the coastline.  The reefs around Moyo Island are bountiful with varying species of fish and other small critters, as well as many varieties of corals which add to the vibrance of the world beneath the waters.

    As each day closes the choice is yours to dine onland or on the decking of your luxury charter yacht. Amanwana resort features high quality eateries for you to enjoy, but if you prefer some privacy and your very own unique dining experience, dine aboard your chosen vessel with a private view of the Indonesian sunset.

  • Day 4


    Stepping on board your luxury charter yacht, you’ll have a chance to settle in and unpack before your dedicated crew raise anchor and set sail towards the Komodo archipelago.

    On route to the main islands of the archipelago your first day at sea will introduce you to Satonda. This beautiful island is an ideal first stop on your tour of Indonesia and it shows you just how magnificent the natural backdrop is in this area of the globe.

    Your main highlight when visiting Satonda is the saltwater crater at the centre of the island. This landmark was created by one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in history and it continues to be the main attraction of the island. The mirror like effect across the surface of the lake allows you to look through the water to the magical world underneath the surface, and it’s big enough to indulge in some water sports.

    Resting up on the beach is the perfect way to end the day with the addition of a cosy candlelit supper on board the deck of your chosen vessel.

  • Day 5

    Sangeang & Gili Banta

    Two experiences await you on day 5 of your trip. First is the still active Sangeang Api volcano.

    With the last eruption taking place in 1998, resulting in the evacuation of everyone on the island, Sangeang has left behind an unusual but pretty landscape beneath the water’s surface. Adorning your diving gear, take the plunge into the sea to explore the black sandy ridges from the volcano. Marine life is nearly non existant due to the nature of the terrain but never fear there is plenty of life to see at your next port of call.

    After enjoying lunch while watching the active Sangeang volcano, your luxury charter yacht will continue to Gili Banta. One of three localised islands, Gili Banta is an image of paradise. Popular for it’s spectacular beaches this is one afternoon that you will enjoy thoroughly. Relax on the sands and basque in the sun before heading into the water for the second time today.

    Completely different to your dive at Sangeang, the waters around Gili Banta are flourishing with countless species of marine life and many selections of corals. Take some memorable underwater photographs  before returning to the surface and a delicious barbeque on the beach.

  • Day 6

    Gili Lawa Laut & Gili Lawa Darat

    Another double hit of islands for you today as you visit the other two Gili islands.

    These islands are home to some of the most popular dive sites in the area so naturally this location will be a highlight of your luxury charter yacht tour of Indonesia. Dive sites like the Lighthouse, Crystal Rock and The Passage all feature a wide range of vibrant and exciting marine life as well as some admirable coral displays. Take your time exploring the dives and then retire to the long stretches of private beaches along the coast for a quiet and peaceful afternoon.

    If you still have some energy to burn after your morning of diving the popular sites, there are some pretty views to see across Gili Lawa Laut and Darat if you venture across some of the elevated terrain. If this appeals to you then make your journey towards higher ground later on in the afternoon to enjoy a picnic with an unbeatable view of the picturesque sunset.

  • Day 7

    Pulau Padar

    Located in the center of the Komodo National Park, the island of Pulau Padar is a beautiful port of call you will not want to miss out on.

    Being within the protective boundaries of the national park, the dive sites around Pulau Padar are some of the best in the area. Untouched and closely looked after, the diving opportunities here guarantee that you will see mint condition coral gardens and a vast array of marine life. Pay special attention to the nooks and crannies of the corals to see some minute critters hidden among the organisms.

    Diving ideal for all levels of experienced divers are the walls around the coast. Corals and other native fauna are attached to the walls and feature even more marine inhabitants, as well as plenty of large shoals of fish who swim by throughout the day. Often depicted as one of the best dive sights in Indonesia, this wall dive is the one dive you should definitely see if you only want to dive once in this location.

    After exploring the vast underwater world at Pulau Padar, spend the rest of your afternoon and evening on the pretty beaches which are covered with tiny shells. Raise a glass of something bubbly to toast the day as you watch another beautiful sunset over a barbeque on the soft sands.

  • Day 8

    South West Komodo

    If diving is your favourite part of a luxury charter yacht holiday then today is going to be a day you will never forget.

    The waters around south west Komodo are home to one of the most exciting dive experiences in the area. Manta Point. As the name suggests, this particular area of water is home to a large group of manta rays. Joining the cool waters at this location will see you surrounded by many inquisitive manta rays who come up close to look at you. If there was a chance for great underwater photographs on this trip this would be it.

    After a memorable swim with the manta rays there are still plenty of other marine specimens to see as this area is one of the most active, in regards to marine life. Swim through the waters at your leisure before returning to the land for some beachcombing and some private you time in one of the many secluded coves along the coast.

  • Day 9

    Rinca Island

    Not as popular as the title island of Komodo in the Komodo archipelago, Rinca island is an ideal island to see some of the beauty of the area with less interruptions.

    Komodo and Rinca island are both known for being the native habitat of the komodo dragons. Join up with a local ranger to see the best of the komodo dragons in their natural environment before seeing other species of wildlife in the forests including wild pigs, deers and a huge amount of native and migrating birds.

    For your final afternoon on your Indonesian tour, the shell sprinkled beaches of Rinca island offer a peaceful sanctuary for you to enjoy mother nature at her best before indulging in one final lavish meal on board your luxury charter yacht.

  • Day 10

    Labuan Bajo

    As your dedictaed crew anchor down at Labuan Bajo the time fasts approaches for you to leave the beauty of the Indonesian waters.

    Take the last opportunity to have one last trip in the active waters or spend the morning on the beach to top up your tan before making your way homewards to start preparing for your next trip away.

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