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7 Day Indonesia Charter Itinerary - Maumere to Alor

Explosive Alor – Exploring The Alor Archipelago

Great for Summer and Winter

Home to the frequently active Batu Tara volcano, the Alor archipelago is an exhilarating destination which appeals to many luxury charter yachts throughout the year. The combination of staggering wildlife and beautiful landscapes makes this location ideal for nature lovers, hikers and those who love diving.

  • Day 1


    Arriving at Maumere you will be given your first view of the splendour which is the Alor archipelago.

    Boarding your chosen luxury charter yacht, meet your crew for the week and settle into your temporary home. Up on the decking enjoy a glass of something chilled and bubbly as you cruise away from the mainland and out in to the bay.

    This is your first opportunity to adorn your diving gear and familiarise yourself with the world beneath the waters. Explore the seabed and meet some of the native inhabitants before returning to the surface and a delightful candlelit supper under the stars.

  • Day 2

    Northern Kawula

    Your first full day in the Alor archipelago is on the northern coast of Kawula.

    This island is home to some quaint and pretty villages, including Ionata village which hosts an enormous 30 metre skeleton of a blue whale, the largest mammal on the planet. As a symbol of sacred significance to the local people, the habitants are happy to talk to visitors about the skeletal remains as well as the history behind their home, Kawula.

    While on the island, another point of interest is le Ape volcano. The village of Kampung Lama, at the base of the volcano, is in close proximity to ruins and remains of houses and artefacts left from previous natives and volcanic events.

    After a delicious lunch on board your luxury charter yacht, take the plunge into the crisp waters to indulge in one of the best hard coral displays in the area. With a flurry of life and an impressive range of colour, the staggered hard coral formations make for great photos and are a great introduction to corals in the Alor area.

    To finish off your first whole day, cruise over to the northern coast of Flores to see the island of Komba. If time allows there is another coral dive waiting for you with more species of corals for you to see. Alternatively, remain on deck to begin an evening of fine dining and a unique view of the highly active Batu Tara volcano. With smoke billowing roughly every half an hour to an hour, you can watch mother nature venting and maybe even see some lava.

  • Day 3

    Lembata Island

    A day on Lembata Island is one like no other.

    The small village of Lamalera is one of two villages in Indonesia which lives a very special and primitive lifestyle. Living entirely by traditional methods, the villagers here rely on their own survival skills and use every ounce of their fishing bounty for sustenance. The natives are welcoming to visitors and have no objections to having spectators as they go about their daily fishing activities.

    After spending time with the locals, rejoin your luxury charter yacht and venture back out into the open waters to unleash some energy. Break open the jet skis or pop on your flippers to make the most of the quiet waters around the Lembata coastline.

  • Day 4

    Pura Island

    Setting the course for Pura Island, your fourth day in the Alor archipelago will be filled with stunning diving opportunities. Located in the middle of the Alor strait, these particular waters are home to some of the most spectacular underwater sights in the area.

    A great starting point for the day is the Clown Valley dive. Ideal for all levels of diving capability, this basic dive introduces you to a large amount of soft corals and beautiful displays of anemones. The main form of life to be found at this dive site are clownfish. Although there are different breeds of clownfish to see, this dive is more suitable for a short dive as there isn’t much else to see. Another quick dive in the area, School’s Out, hosts schools of small fish as well as a healthy coral reef.

    Another dive named Sharks Galore is also ideal for those starting off in their hobby of diving. Not as shark infested as it used to be, due to shark finning, the dive here is mainly visited for the pretty layout of soft corals, large sponges and schools of varying fish. The final dive site worthy of a visit while in the Pura waters is Slab City. This wall dive is a little more advanced than the other dive sites but also offers the opportunity to see some underwater canyons. Fish are bountiful here and the dive itself makes for a great end to a day of underwtaer exploration.

  • Day 5

    Pantar Strait

    After one day of underwater adventures comes another.

    This time in the stunning Pantar Strait, your diving adventures will be completely different to what you saw in the waters around Pura Island. The creatures here are more diverse and a lot larger than the small schools of tiny fish you’ve already seen. A starting dive for this location is Malal which features some unusual anemone gardens and some pretty collections of fish.

    Kal’s Dream is a more popular dive for nature lovers as this is the ground for more predatory species of underwater life. While investigating the pinnacles here you are likely to see some trevally and barracuda. More unusual species of underwater life can be found at The Cathedral dive site. This wall dive is home to gatherings of seahorses and frogfish.

    If you want to see some bigger creatures head out into the open waters to heighten your chances of seeing hammerhead sharks, dolphins, rays and sunfish.

  • Day 6


    A touch more diving for you this morning as you head to the most southerly area of the Pantar Strait.

    Start off the day by jumping into the waters once again to the stunning Twilight Zone dive site. In a location where lava flows and underwater hotsprings meet in the middle, the waters here are rich in nutrients and minerals, resulting in an interesting selection of unusual underwater species. While exploring the dive site you may be lucky to see mantis shrimps, blue ring octopus and mimic octopus.

    Drying off from your morning dive couldn’t be easier as you head ashore onto the black sandy beaches. The residents of the village, Beangabang, are warm and welcoming to luxury charter yacht visitors and despite their simple lives, they offer a unique and charming insight into local culture.

  • Day 7


    Heading back homewards from your week of exploring the Alor archipelago your final anchorage is at Alor itself.

    Communicating with locals here may be difficult as there are around 15 different languages spoken on the island. Life here, like many of the other islands, is very simple but the people are friendly to those who visit their island.

    Take the opportunity to visit the beach for some relaxation time and beachcombing or try a spot of fishing off the coast before meeting up with your flight home.  

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