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10 Day Indonesia Charter Itinerary - Labuan Bajo to Sumba

10 Days In Indonesia

Ideal for Summer Season

Exploring the stunning waters of Indonesia, your luxury charter yacht will take you to see some of mother nature’s finest masterpieces. Native wildlife, picturesque coral gardens and long stretches of quiet beaches await you at every stop along your memorable tour as you see Indonesia for the beauty she is.

  • Day 1

    Labuan Bajo

    Beginning your luxury charter yacht tour at Labuan Bajo the first day is yours to settle in and introduce yourself to your stunning surroundings for the next 10 days.

    Unpack your holiday gear and take a tour around your chosen luxury vessel before ascending to the deck for a welcome glass of champagne. Raising the anchor and adventuring further into the bay, take a look around at the panoramic sweep of natural beauty surrounding your luxury charter yacht.

    An ideal start to your 10 day tour is an afternoon trip to Saboyer island. Still in reach of the local national park, Saboyer Island is a quiet but inviting island which shows off exactly what you have to look forward to during your trip.

    Spend a little time resting on the sandy beaches and indulging in a light lunch before taking the plunge for your first underwater excursion. Whether you opt for a spot of snorkelling or a fully fledged diving session there is plenty to see underneath the waves at Saboyer’s coast.

  • Day 2

    Rinca Island

    For your first full day in the Indonesian waters, your main port of call for the day is Rinca Island.

    As one of the main islands in the archipelago this island offers some fantastic wildife watching opportunities. Wild pigs, deers and a vast selection of birds roam free on the island as well as some monkeys hiding up in the trees. The most famous wildlife in the area are the komodo dragons. Heading ashore with a local ranger you can watch these fascinating creatures in safety as they go about their daily business.

    After walking through some of the marked trails on Rinca Island the stunning beaches await you on the northern coast. Dotted with pink corals and tiny shells these almost deserted beaches are a haven for relaxation. If you want some shelter from the warm Indonesian sun there are some pretty coves dottecaround the coastline. Finish off the day with some exotic cocktails onboard your luxury charter yacht.

  • Day 3

    Pulau Padar

    Cruising to the middle of the Komodo national park your next stop is the pretty anchorage of Pulau Padar.

    This picturesque island features a craggy terrain with raised elevations, ideal for a morning of trekking. Settle down for a relaxed picnic looking over the sweeping view before descending back to sea level and your luxury charter yacht.

    Your afternoon at Pulau Padar is best spent underneath the water’s surface. Being within the protective borders of the national park, the waters around Pulau Padar are teeming with marine life. This underwater area, in addition to the waters closer to central Komodo, are classed as some of the best aquatic sites in Indonesia, making it essential on your list of things to do when in the area. The schools of fish will outnumber you by thousands and the pinnacles offer great backdrops for unique underwater photographs.

    The end of day 3 is spent on the pristine beaches of Pulau Padar with wine and a freshly prepared candlelit barbeque by your catering team.

  • Day 4

    South West Komodo

    Similar to your previous day at Pulau Padar, your stop at south west Komodo will start with a plunge into the crisp, cool waters.

    The waters in this area inparticular are popular for a very unusual diving experience you may not experience anywhere else. Manta Point is aptly named for the friendly gathering of manta rays frequenty visiting these waters. Jumping in with these exciting creatures couldn’t be anymore special for nature lovers. The manta rays swim up close and around you as you snap away on your underwater camera. Schools of fish also make an appearance so keep your eyes open for the bright and beautiful colours swimming past you.

    In addition to the manta ray experience, there are also a handful of large rocks in the area which sport mesmerising hard coral formations with the subsequent marine activity living there. Known as one of the most active areas to see in these waters this is also a must see.

    The rest of your day at south west Komodo can be spent lounging on the glorious and empty beaches. Try some beachcombing or close your eyes for an hour or two as you soak up the warm rays as your dedictaed team of staff prepare a fresh seafood supper for you to enjoy as you watch an unforgettable sunset.

  • Day 5

    Gili Lawa Laut & Gili Lawa Darat

    A busy day is in store for you today as you visit not one but two islands.

    Located on the northern side of the Komodo National Park, tthe Gili Islands are home to some of the best diving sites in the area. Suitable for all levels of diving experience you can spend the day exploring dive sites such as the Lighthouse, Crystal Rock and Shotgun. All the dive sites in the waters surrounding the Gili Islands feature an impressive array of marine life and coral gardens, perfect for an introduction to diving or a pleasurable excursion for more advanced divers.

    Drying off after your underwater experience couldn’t be easier when visiting the Gili Islands thanks to the large amount of private beaches. Despite the popularity of the nearby dive sites it is still relatively easy to find your own private patch of sand for the afternoon. Soak up some sun for a couple of hours or try a touch of beachcombing before tackling one final adventure for the day. Trekking up the steep elevations of Gili Lawa Darat, reach the top in record time ready to settle down on watch the beautiful sunset from one of the best views in the islands.

  • Day 6

    South Rinca

    Your penultimate port of call for your 10 day trip around Indonesia gives you another opportunity to see the famous Komodo dragons in their natural habitat.

    Anchoring down off of the famous Horse Shoe Bay, you can watch your new favourite species of wildlife patrolling their territory against a staggering backdrop of jungle and dense forestry. Exploring inside the shelter of the trees there is more wildlife waiting for you on the ground and up in the tree tops.

    When you’ve seen all the wildlife on the land it’s time to see what waits in store for you below the water’s surface. Cannibal Rock is the water hotspot for you to visit while in the are of South Rinca. Famous for being one of the world’s most fascinating macro sites, you can see some interesting species of marine life including seahorses and nudibranches.

    To finish off your day at South Rinca, take your tender and a bottle of something bubbly for a small trip around the coastline to see some staggering rock formations, and another pretty view of the sunset.

  • Day 7-10


    Your final destination for your Indonesian lluxury charter yacht tour is the beautiful island of Sumba.

    On arrival you will transfer to the southern coast of the island to the exclusive resort of Nihiwatu. Nestled in a large area of tropical forest, this stunning resort offers everything you could possibly want for an exclusive getaway.

    The quiet, almost abandoned, beaches beckon you throughout the day and provide a peaceful sanctuary for you to enjoy at your leisure. Spend some time beachcombing along the water’s edge or indulge in much needed you time to make the most of the relaxing ambience. For a little more action head back into the water for snorkelling and some water sports.  

    After filling your days with relaxation and a good rest, adjorn to the resort for high quality meals and a desirable drinks menu to indulge in as you take in the last views of the stunning Indonesian sunset.

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