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12 Day Indonesia Charter Itinerary - Java to Sorong

Travelling Through Paradise - 12 Days In Raja Ampat

Ideal for Winter Season

Paradise is easy to find when in Indonesia and on this trip you can enjoy the settings of luxury every single day. Starting off in the Menorah Hills in Java you will experience the peace and serenity of the hills and then progress to the waters to see miles of untouched coastline. Dense jungles and flourishing coral reefs present bountiful amounts of native wildlife for you to meet, plus an endless list of possible dive sites to fulfil an exciting and adrenaline pumping past time. All you need to do is sit back, relax and let your crew take you to paradise.

  • Day 1-4


    Beginning your Indonesian adventure in Java, you will spend the first few days in a divine resort in the Menorah Hills.

    The Amanjiwo resort has every luxury you could possibly want, with the surroundings to match. Towering foliage borders every ounce of the resort giving a secluded and peaceful feel to the luxurious resort. Take some dips into your private plunge pool and rest on your decking as you muster the strength to explore some of the local area.

    There are plenty of nature trails to explore, some of which introduce you to some volcanoes. If hiking isn't your thing you can also cycle through some nearby villages and visit a Borobudur Temple.

    On your journey to the airport in Jogjakarta, take some time to experience the capital. Jogjakarta is the home to many artistic trades including silverwork. While you're here you may also be lucky enough to see and join in with some of the just as popular music and dance events which are held regularly.  

  • Day 5


    As one of the main starting points for luxury charter yacht tours in the Raja Ampat area, Sorong plays host to minimal attractions but is a stunning starting line.

    After your relaxing few days in Java, you meet up with your chosen vessel today in Sorong and become acquainted with your dedicated crew. After toasting to an exciting and adventurous journey through paradise, you will cruise over to Mioskon Bay. Surrounded by dense jungle, this is an ideal first port of call for a luxury charter yacht.

    Set foot on the shore to indulge in your first stretch of untouched coastline in the Raja Ampat area and turn your eyes skyward to watch out for some of the spectacular bird species living in the jungle. While visiting this location you may expect to see various breeds of parrot, hornbills and lorikeets.

    After seeing the birds the time will come to meet the fish. Get your first glimpse of Raja Ampat's stunning collection of coral reefs, keeping your eyes peeled for some vibrant and unusual looking underwater creatures. Finish off your first day in this area with a delicious barbeque on the beach.

  • Day 6


    The Penemu Islands are a highlight of your luxury charter yacht tour, if wildlife watching is one of your loves of life.

    Anchoring down by one of the dome shaped limestone islets, you will have a prime opportunity to dive without interruption from anyone else. Although these islands are very popular for diving enthusiasts, you will find it incredibly easy to locate a quiet spot just for you.

    Taking the plunge into the cool waters you are likely to be met by some incredible underwater species including manta rays, dolphins and sea turtles. Raja Ampat is home to 6 out of 7 species of sea turtle so you may be lucky enough to see more than one breed of this phenomenal creature. There are also some deeper channels in this area which you can explore on your tender. Venturing out at your leisure you may be very lucky to see some migrating whales. Enlist the help of your crew and spend a couple of hours whale watching.


  • Day 7

    The Passage

    The Passage is another of mother nature's finest in the Raja Ampat area.

    The salt water river boasts a beautiful display of corals which are worth a visit, in addition to some sponges and a breed of jellyfish which has no sting. Bordering the passage are towering limestone rock formations and some more jungle. There are birds to be seen so dig out your binoculars to get some great glimpses of some exotic birds.

    If you enjoy the sight of the bright and beautiful birds soaring above your head, accompany some of your crew to the island of Gam. Here you will take a trek up through some jungle to a specially designed viewing platform. Equipped with all the necessary gear you can watch the parrots and other native birds, while also looking out for the red bird of paradise.

  • Day 8-9

    Wayag Islands

    The most idyllic version of paradise has now arrived as you venture the waterways between the Wayag Islands.

    If you haven't seen your idea of a perfect beach yet, you will now. There are miles of luscious white sandy beaches here for you to enjoy, and a good chance to find one completely deserted. Rest up on the warm sands and have a freshly prepared lunch before moving on to explore some of this beautiful collection of islands.

    Something on your to do list is to watch a sunset. Climb up through some jungle on the raised elevations of the islands to get a spectacular sweeping panoramic view of the islands and the waterways winding between them. This is an ideal spot for a buffet supper or a champagne and strawberry treat.

    Since you're in this stunning area for 2 days you have ample time to make the most of the water. Crack open the storage and whip out the jet skis. Zip around the waterways for a different look at the Wayag Islands or try something more laidback and take a paddleboat for a spin.

  • Day 10

    Dampier Strait

    Back into the waters today as you revisit Mioskon Bay.

    Take another turn to see some of the beautiful coral reefs that Raja Ampat has to offer, not forgetting the exquisite underwater creatures which inhabit them. Take a couple of dives as well as some snorkelling time before adjourning to the beach for a delightful and restful afternoon.

    In addition to Mioskon Bay you also have the chance to visit the island of Mansuar. This island is home to a small community who are very warm and welcoming to visitors. Try some local cuisine with the residents and visit their pretty church before returning to your luxury charter yacht for some indulgent cocktails under the stars.

  • Day 11


    For your final full day in Raja Ampat you will be treated to a diving experience you will never forget.

    Arborek is a popular diving destination because of the super friendly manta rays. Take the plunge with your underwater camera to get some incredible close up shots. As you swim you will be approached by many inquisitive rays who will dance around you like a ballet class. These waters also feature a vast amount of vibrantly coloured fish, so keep a watch out for them too.

    In the afternoon your journey takes you to Arborek village where you can meet some friendly locals and purchase some handicrafts made from locally sourced items like sea pandan leaves.

    To finish off a magnificent luxury charter yacht tour, spend a little more time on the soft sands around you and enjoy a lavish meal under one last Indonesian sunset.

  • Day 12


    The end of your luxury charter yacht tour is here. Pick up any last minute purchases to take home and start making your plans for your next sea adventure.

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