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10 Day Indonesia Charter Itinerary - Bali to Labuan Bajo

Natural Indonesia – 10 Days Exploring Indonesia

Ideal for Summer Season

Indonesia is a country teeming with exciting wildlife and incredible backdrops which create an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Cruising through the waters in your chosen luxury charter yacht, you will see mother nature at her best as well as some quaint traditional villages which still capture the essence of culture and community. Starting off in Bali your dedicated crew will charter through various terrains and beauty spots to show you the very best of natural Indonesia.

  • Day 1


    Arriving in Bali your 10 day exploration trip of Indonesia begins. Settle in to your luxury charter yacht as your crew raise the anchor and take you to your first port of call. The Gili Islands have large spreads of luscious beaches to give you an instant hit of pure relaxation as well as some small communities who are warm and welcoming to visitors.

    The afternoon will also provide your first opportunity to dive into the pristine waters in this stunning area of the world. Take the plunge from your luxury charter yacht and enjoy the incredible company beneath the waves. Turtles are commonly seen in these particular waters so make sure you take your underwater camera with you.

  • Day 2

    Moyo and Satonda

    A busy day for you on your first full day with your luxury charter yacht as you visit two different islands.

    The first is Moyo, an island dominated by jungle and forest terrain. Time spent on Moyo Island is worth every second as you explore the dense expanse of jungle to see wildlife including wild pigs, barking deer and a vast array of birds. Adventuring further into the jungle reaps great rewards as there is a stunning waterfall hidden in the depths of the trees. Cool off from the warm climate and enjoy some peace and tranquility before heading back to the shore to move on to Satonda Island.

    The highlight of Satonda Island is the crater lake. Created by a volcanic eruption in 1815, the lake is a constant reminder of one of the largest eruptions in history. Popular for picnics and watersports, the impeccably still waters act like mirror as you gaze into the depths of the crater.

    While in the vicinity of Satonda Island you can also witness an uncommon sight of thousands of bats coming out to have their nightly outing. Eating a fresh supper on board your decking as you watch the bats will mark an exciting end to your first day at sea.

  • Day 3

    Sangeang and Gili Banta

    The location of Sangeang is one you are likely to never forget.

    Easily one of the major highlights of your 10 day tour of Indonesia, Sangeang brings up close and personal to the active volcano Sangeang Api. With such a rare opportunity to dive the waters of a live volcano this is one activity to be enjoyed by your entire party. Diving down into the black sandy terrain, witness the barren landscape below the water’s surface before making a quick trip  to the local Wera village to see traditional boat building methods still used by the natives.

    Moving on to your second destination for the day, Gili Banta is at the opposite end of the spectrum of mother nature’s talents. From the scene of terror and destruction of Sangeang Api you are now presented with the beautiful paradise of Gili Banta. Rest on the sumptuous beaches and enjoy the quiet ambience of the uninhabited island. Making the most of Gili Banta means taking the plunge back into the cool waters as the coast around the island sports some impressive displays of local marine life.

    Finish off the day with a romantic candlelit barbeque on the beach before returning to your luxury charter yacht to watch the blanket of stars appear in the clear night sky.

  • Day 4

    Gili Lawa Laut and Gili Lawa Darat

    Continuing through the Gili Islands, today you will visit the other main islands in the archipelago. Gili Lawa Laut is the first stop for the day with some fantastic beaches perfect for a morning of relaxing as you contemplate which dive sites you will visit.

    The waters around the Gili Islands are full of impressive dive sites suitable for all levels of diving experience and offer opportunities to see some unusual species of marine life as well as some mutlicoloured coral gardens. The most popular dive sites to see are The Passage, Lighthouse and Crystal Rock. Schools of fish are just the tip of the wildlife iceberg while diving here so save your energy to see as many of the dives as possible.

    Saving time for Gili Lawa Darat, use some of that reserved energy for the big climb up the raised elevations. Taking a late supper picnic with you, the trek is worth it as you witness the incredible sunset with a a glass of something bubbly and an undisturbed panoramic view of the surrounding area.    

  • Day 5 - 6

    Pulau Padar & Central Komodo

    Anchoring down in the bay of Padar, you have 2 days of endless diving opportunities waiting for you.

    Shadowed by the elevated rocky terrain of Padar, the waters surrounding your natural anchorage are teeming with marine life. The addition of pretty coral displays and other underwater quirks makes diving here exciting and unforgettable.

    As the nearby island of Komodo is a national park the waters are well protected meaning the quality of the diving experience is top notch. Take the plunge in several different areas around the coastline to see different angles of staggering natural beauty. The pinnacles and wall dives are of particular interest when exploring the marine world and are noted as being some of the best diving locations in Indonesia.

    After spending adequate time underneath the waves there is still plenty of time to have fun on the water’s surface with your water sports equipment. Speed around the coast on jet skis or take your time with a spot of windsurfing before venturing ashore for another picturesque evening barbeque on one of the isolated beaches.

  • Day 7

    South Rinca

    As one of the main islands in the Komodo archipelago, Rinca promises more exciting dive opportunities and wildlife encounters not to be missed.

    Starting off in the cool waters around Rinca’s coast, your first stop for the day is the Cannibal Rock. One of the most popular dive sites in the area, Cannibal Rock is home to many species of small marine creatures including seahorses and nudibranches. In addition to the vast array of marine life there is also a stunning collection of corals to match the vibrant inhabitants. While on the waters, take your tender for a short ride around the area to see some of the towering rock formations at the water’s edge.

    Moving on to drier activities, your main port of call in South Rinca is to visit the famous Horse Shoe Bay. Well known for being home to the native Komodo dragons, spending time at this bay will allow you to watch some of these fascinating creatures patrolling their territory. Dense forest clouds the background of Horse Shoe Bay and homes more wildlife including wild pigs, deer and monkeys.

    To end an exciting day of watching wildlife in their natural habitat, climb the raised elevations to enjoy a unique, panoramic view of the Indonesian sunset.

  • Day 8

    Komodo Strait

    Nestled between the islands of Komodo and Rinca, the Komodo Strait is home to even more stunning dive sites.

    Unlike some of the other dive sites you will have visited already on your luxury charter yacht tour, the sights to see in Komodo Strait offer more vibrancy and colour. The marine terrain sports beautiful spreads of coral reefs which have become home to an impressive selection of fish and other small creatures. The most active dive locations in this area are the Tarawa Besar and Kecil dives.

    Drying off from a morning of diving couldn’t be easier or more luxurious when in this area than resting up on Rinca Island. The pretty beaches are littered with pink corals and small shells, and are also hosts to small isolated coves, ideal for some privacy and relaxation time.

  • Day 9

    South West Komodo

    Another day in the ever exciting waters of Indonesia, today the waters of south west Komodo offer an experience unlike any other.

    Diving in the waters surrounded by schools of fish and other small critters is exciting enough in this part of the world but being in the presence of manta ray is something else. Indulging in the crisp waters around the Komodo coast you will see manta ray everywhere you look. Getting up close, the manta ray will be dancing around you as you take some unforgettable underwater photographs. With the beautiful corals as a backdrop this will be an experience you won’t forget.

    With your swim with manta ray as a topic for conversation, your afternoon will be spent on the almost deserted beaches of south west Komodo. Beachcombing, swimming, sleeping and exploring the soft sands at your own pace you can make the most of the idyllic location and then cool off in one of the coves along the rock faces.

  • Day 10

    Labuan Bajo

    Your last day of your luxury charter yacht tour of Indonesia sees you disembarking at Labuan Bajo.

    As a main starting point for tours of the Komodo archipelago Labuan Bajo offers amenities to refresh and recuperate before heading onwards in your journey. Before leaving, indulge in one last sumptuous breakfast onboard your vessel followed by a last trip to the beach before making your way to the airport to start planning your next trip on a luxury charter yacht.

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