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1 Day Indonesia Charter Itinerary - Ambon to Sorong

Exploring The Majesties Of Indonesia

Ideal for Winter Season

Settled in the closest region to West Papua, Raja Ampat and the Banda Islands offer you a spectacular look at the world. Incredible natural jungles, undisturbed islands and furious looking volcanos are just some of the terrains you can explore on this 12 day itinerary. Mixed in with once in a lifetime experiences with some of the native wildlife, you will wonder why you have never been to this area before. Starting off in Ambon you will cruise by volcanic islands and others which are completely uninhabited. There are stretches of long white sandy beaches to rest on and miles upon miles of open waters to unleash your water sports toys. Pack up and get ready, this is a two week trip that will keep you busy.

  • Day 1


    Meeting up with your exclusive crew on your chosen luxury charter yacht, your first day is all about you.

    Take a tour of your chosen vessel and settle in before enjoying a cocktail or two on the decking. Your crew will then brief you on the route your charter will be taking and after that the afternoon is yours. Explore around the harbour, take in the sights and if you have time, take your first dive into the cool waters.

    The scene underneath the waves in Indonesia is particularly beautiful so even if you have just a little amount of time, make sure you take a quick dive to see the stunning underwater world from day one.

  • Day 2 - 3

    Banda Islands

    Your first anchorage on your luxury charter yacht tour is in the Banda Islands.

    The Banda Islands have an interesting history which largely revolves around nutmeg. Once upon a time it was the most expensive spice to buy and now it’s almost a thing of the past. While visiting the Banda Islands you can visit old nutmeg plantations which are still largely intact. Paired up with nearby colonial houses it really feels like you are stepping back in time.

    Banda Neira offers a great backdrop for holiday photos. Climbing ashore from the harbour you can instantly see how the people lived here in the past. More colonial housing, canons and impressive inscriptions form the 17th century all play their part in setting the scene.

    Another interesting spot to see while in the Banda Islands is Rhun Island. As the first overseas British colony, this island has seen much conflict among nations and was eventually handed over to the Dutch in exchange for other territory.

    As if all this wasn’t enough, your two days in the Banda Islands is perfectly topped with a lavish dinner aboard your luxury charter yacht with an unspoilt view of an active volcano.

  • Day 4


    After plenty of delving in to the past in the Banda Islands, day four of your tour is at the opposite end of the scale.

    Koon is very small island which could replicate your vision of a castaway desert island. The coastline is nothing but pure white sandy beaches and scattered palm trees. Teamed up with turquoise waters hitting the shore this could not be anymore picture perfect.

    Your main aim for today is to visit the coral reefs. There are plenty of hard and soft corals to see beneath the waves around the shore and an amazing amount of underwtaer life to go with it. You can expect to see an abundance of various fish as well as some small critters too.

    Once you’ve explored underneath the water there is also time to have fun on top of the water. Whip out the jet skis to zip around the small island or settle in a paddleboat to bob on the water with a bottle of something fizzy.

    End the day with some sunbathing and a delicious barbeque on the beach under the stars.

  • Day 5 - 6


    Moving on to your next port of call, Misool is the southernmost island of Raja Ampat.

    This particular area is host to a collection of small islands which are separated by a series of water channels. Hopping between the islands you will find countless deserted beaches to relax on as well as some secluded coves for some peace and shelter from the hot sun.

    Misool is a favourite in Raja Ampat as it has close proximity to various dive sites. Popular diving site include the Magic Mountain and Boo Windows, but another dive you may enjoy is to swim through a cathedral like rock which is covered in orchids.

    Back on dry land there is the chance to learn about how the locals live, including the art of pearling. The residents live off the land and are experts at sourcing materials they need to make a living. Watch them at work as they source pearls straight from the sea and maybe make a purchase from them. Handmade handicrafts and items with embedded pearls are just some ideas of what items you can buy to support the friendly communities.

    Another quick stop before moving on to your next destnation is to visit the ancestral caves of Tomolol. This site is known as Gua Sacral and is a former burial site for Papuans. Although not the happiest of places it is interesting to see and is worth a look.

  • Day 7

    The Passage

    Continuing to another water passageway, this salt water river known as The Passage offers another angle for natural beauty in this area.

    Taking your tender through the passageway you are surrounded by towering limestone and jungle. There are many varieties of birds residing in this particular area of jungle so keep your eyes skywards. To get a better view, make a 45 minute trek up the hills, through the jungle, to visit a specially designed viewing platform. From here you can get an unspoilt view of the jungle around you and there may be a chance that you can see a rare red bird of paradise.

    As well as the beauty in the trees, there are more sights to see below the water’s surface. Travelling through the local waters there are a great number of small coral gardens consisting of both hard and soft corals of many different colours. Wildlife here is mainly the ever plentiful amount of fish but there is also a non sting species of jellyfish to see.

  • Day 8 - 9

    Wayag Islands

    If you thought you had seen perfection already, just wait until what today has in store for you.

    The Wayag Islands are without a doubt the most visually pleasing attraction in Raja Ampat. Laid out like a maze of green islands, the water causeways are quiet and relaxing as you cruise between unspoilt and barely touched islands.

    Finding your own private beach is not hard and in no time at all your crew will anchor down so you can head ashore and relax on the pure white sandy beaches until your heart’s content. A lunch of freshly prepared refreshments will gear you up for the second half of your stay in the Wayag Islands.

    There’s plenty of room on the waves so if you get bored of lounging around on a picture postcard beach the time will come to get out the toys again. Paddleboats, jet skis and canoes are all great activities to enjoy on these waters as well as a spot of snorkelling to see the underwater company.

  • Day 10

    Mioskon Bay

    Dragging yourself away from paradise is never easy but the fact that you’re moving on to yet another place of stunning beauty makes it that much easier.

    Mioskon Bay is popular spot for divers due to the flourishing underwater scene. Large schools of fish and small critters inhabit this area making all dives amazing opportunities. In addition to the fish you may have already seen on other dives on this luxury charter yacht tour, Mioskon Bay may also allow you to see bigger species of underwater creatures including sharks, manta rays and sea turtles.

    While visiting Mioskon Bay it’s worth visiting the different terrains like the mangroves. Snorkelling is beneficial in the mangroves as is looking to the sky to see more beautiful birds flying between the trees. Kayaking is also suitable as you glide across some of the mirror like waters.

  • Day 11


    Your penultimate day of your luxury charter yacht tour is spent on the quaint island of Arborek.

    A nice way to finish off your trip around the majesties of Indonesia is to get one final taste of true Indonesian life and culture. Start off your day on the waters for one final dive, but with a difference. Unlike other dives on this tour your experience at Arborek will leave more of an imprint on your memory as you are joined by manta rays. Friendly and inquisitive, the manta rays will dance around you as they investigate, giving you some incredibe opportunities to get close up underwater photographs of these beautiful creatures.

    After an indulging lunch on board you luxury charter yacht, climb ashore to spend the afternoon with some of the locals. The people are just as friendly as the manta rays and are very hospitable. Spend some time watching them making handicrafts out of sea pandan leaves before having a go yourself. Stroll around the village and try some local cuisine before you return to your luxury charter yacht for the last time for an evening of cocktails and pampering.

  • Day 12


    Anchoring down at Sorong this is your last port of call as you begin your journey home.

    Sorong has some amenities which you can use to stock up before the long journey but above all else make sure you take one last opportunity to relax on one of the stunning beaches of Raja Ampat.  

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