10 Day Charter Itinerary - Athens to Athens
Discover the Wonders of the Cyclades and the Saronic Gulf
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Day 1

10 Day Greece Charter Itinerary - Athens to Athens

Discover the Wonders of the Cyclades and the Saronic Gulf

490 nautical miles*

Ideal for Summer Season

One of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Mediterranean, the Cyclades offer clear blue skies, glistening turquoise waters, sugar cube houses that tumble down rocky cliffs, blue-doomed churches, ancient ruins and ancient natural wonders. From superyacht hotspots such as Santorini and Mykonos to secret hideaways, the 220-strong island-chain suits a variety of travellers. Discover rustic villages, cosmopolitan party hubs, romantic bays, glorious sunsets and fantastic seafood restaurants on your 10-day yacht charter around the spectacular waters of the Aegean Sea.

  • Day 1

    Embark from AthensDistance: 80 nm*

    Begin your Greece luxury yacht charter vacation by cruising from Athens to Kithnos Island and then to Syros.

    After a safety briefing from the crew you will depart Athens and travel to Kolona Bay on Kithnos Island for swimming and water sports. The day will be spent here, including lunch on board your charter yacht before you move on to Ermoupoli on Syros Island in the evening, where you will enjoy dinner and spend the night. Syros island features dignified beauty and unique charm. The alternating landscapes and fertile plains that pop up from abrupt mountains are elements that create the magic of the island. The capital of Syros, Ermoupolis, or Queen of the Cyclades, is breathtaking with many neoclassic buildings. 

    Distance80 nm*
  • Day 2

    Syros – Delos – Rinia - MykonosDistance: 32 nm*

    Marvel at the ancient sights on Delos Island before moving on to Mykonos via Rinia Island.

    The day begins with a journey to Delos Island where a local tour guide will take you on a journey of discovery. Once a Sacred Island, it is the legendary birthplace of the Sun God Apollo and his twin sister Artemis. For 500 years, tiny Delos was the religious and commercial centre of the entire Aegean. Today, the only remaining inhabitants are its treasured ruins and their caretakers. From here, you will travel to Rinia Island where you will spend the remainder of the morning and the afternoon swimming in the crystal clear waters and enjoying water sports.

    Mykonos is one of the most cosmopolitan islands in Greece known for its diverse nightlife, vast numbers of bars and lounges, famous nightclubs, and world-famous gourmet restaurants such as Matsuhisa Nobu and Principote Panormos. In the evening, cruise to Mykonos Psarou bay and take an excursion to Mykonos town. Make the most of the shops before dining in one of the famous gourmet restaurants and enjoying a few cocktails later on at the famous Nammos Mykonos restaurant and night club.

    Distance32 nm*
  • Day 3

    Mykonos - ParosDistance: 20 nm*

    Mykonos - Paros

    Travel to Paros Island and enjoy an afternoon of leisure.

    Whatever you want to do, the day is yours. You will cruise from Mykonos to Naousa on Paros island where you can choose from a number of activities - swimming and water sports, visit the picturesque town for a shopping trip before dining in a traditional Greek tavern or have a BBQ on the beach and witness the sunset. The choice is up to you. The island of Paros is one of the most popular Greek islands. Located in the heart of the Cyclades, in the Aegean sea, it is situated in front of Naxos and offers a variety of excursions for charters, such as exploring the Temple of Demeter or The Portara of Naxos. Due its exquisite sandy beaches, crystal waters, Parian traditional villages with whitewashed cubic houses in narrow paved alleys, colourful bougainvillaeas, the island is extremely popular with guests on a luxury yacht charter looking for endless possibilities and activities on their vacation. 

    Mykonos - Paros
    Distance20 nm*
  • Day 4

    Paros to Ios & SantoriniDistance: 55 nm*

    Spend the day making the most of the crystal blue Aegean waters before spending the night in Santorini.

    After cruising from Paros to Maganari beach on Ios island, you will spend the day here on the white sandy beaches with their crystal clear blue waters, or perhaps pay a visit to Santos Wines, where you can savour the decadent and complex flavour profiles of some of the Mediterranean's finest wines. In the evening you will move on to Santorini Island where you will anchor overnight. There is plenty to see and do here, including an excursion to the ancient Akrotiri archaeological sites from the bronze age. Santorini used to be circular, but a massive volcanic explosion around 3,500 years ago blew out the centre of the island. High cliffs jutting into the sea are all that's left of the crater rim. The surrounding islands are the remains of the sides of the crater, and the sea has filled in the gaps, forming a beautiful bay. Sunsets on the island are particularly striking; all the restaurants and bars in the area offer a magnificent view from high raising balconies and none as impressive as the view from Flyaway Creative Restaurant where you can dine on authentic Greek cuisine as they await the famous Santorini Sunset. Flyaway Creative Restaurant

    Distance55 nm*
  • Day 5

    Santorini-MilosDistance: 86 nm*

    Explore the caves on Kleftiko beach, Milos.

    Leaving Santorini first thing, you will travel to Kleftiko beach on Milos Island where you will spend the day lounging to the sound of tranquil waves, swimming in the azure sea, exploring the hidden caves by your superyacht's tender, or scuba diving to discover what the rich and tropical seabeds have to show off.  In the evening you will cruise to Adamantas, where you will spend the night sipping cocktails with locals in buzzy bars or eating at family-run restaurants. A Cycladic Island, Milos is famous for the statue of Aphrodite, now in Louvre, and for her homemade traditional cuisine.

    Distance86 nm*
  • Day 6

    Milos – Poliaigos - FolegandrosDistance: 32 nm*

    Spend the day on Polyaigos beach before discovering the quaint island of Folegandros.

    Today, you will cruise from Milos Island to Polyaigos island, which is perfect for swimming, scuba diving, or actively riding the waves on your superyacht's tender. Spend the day enjoying the stunning blue waters before heading to Folegandros Island in the early evening for a stroll through the centre, or a sophisticated meal overlooking the beauty of the shore. A small Greek Island in the Aegean Sea, Folegandros features a traditional Island atmosphere, cosy small villages and breathtaking views. The landscape is varied and includes tall cliffs and a large cave which you can trek and explore if you want to find secret scenic spots that most charterers don't get to witness. The capital of the Island Chora, is built on the edge of a 200 meter high cliff surrounded by charming houses, ancient paths, a variety of cafes, and delightful stores. 

    Distance32 nm*
  • Day 7

    Folegandros to MonemvasiaDistance: 100 nm*

    Revel in the beauty of Kiparissi beach and spend the night here.

    Cruising from Folegandros you will head towards Pelloponisos and Kiparissi beach, which has a different feel to the Cyclades with its greenery rolling up over the hillside from the sea. You will find the community here to be welcoming and accommodating to travellers and feel a very sincere sense belonging. The day will be spent here, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful scenery, spend the day by the water relaxing and playing watersports, or perhaps even venture into the countryside where the quaint and relaxed living style will guide you to local cafes and shops belonging to endearing villagers who will show you how the best locations to spend your evening. You will spend the night here too, either on the beach or onboard, all the amenities you need to keep you and your guests entertained will be provided by your superyachts willing and able crew.

    Distance100 nm*
  • Day 8

    Monemvasia to SpetsesDistance: 30 nm*

    Explore Spestes Island of the Saronic Gulf, one of Greece’s most cosmopolitan holiday destinations.

    To begin, you will sail to Zogeria Bay where you will spend the day swimming and enjoying the watersports on offer. This part of Greece belongs to the Saronic gulf and has a different feel to it than the Cycladic one with trees close to the sea and beautiful clear waters. In the evening you will move on to Spetses island for the night. With traditional architecture, picturesque sandy beaches and secluded bays, take time in the evening to explore the island and, if you wish, enjoy a ride through the village centre on a horse buggy.

    Distance30 nm*
  • Day 9

    Spetses to HydraDistance: 23 nm*

    Explore the charming island of Hydra on foot.

    Jet off to Dokos Island for an exquisite backdrop to your morning cruise, offering you glistening waters and secluded beaching locations for some exclusive lounging and relaxation. You will spend the day at Dokos Bay before setting off to Hydra island for an evening of romantic walks by the soothing coastline or evening picnic prepared by the onboard chef.

    One of the Saronic Islands of Greece, Hydra is located in the Aegean Sea. Cars or motorcycles are not allowed by law meaning donkeys, bicycles, and water taxis are the only means of public transportation providing a charming atmosphere for you to unwind without the noise and pollution of major tourist areas. This serene location is the perfect location to round off the final full day of your yacht charter where your time will be spent souvenir shopping hand made trinkets and local delicacies, unwinding by the open water, or wandering through the quiet streets of this scenic island.

    Distance23 nm*
  • Day 10

    Hydra - AthensDistance: 40 nm*

    Travel to Athens to disembark from your charter yacht.

    Your final journey will be from Hydra island to Athens, with a short swim stop en-route. Upon arrival at Athens Floisvos Marina, you will disembark your motor yacht and end your luxury yacht charter vacation. However, there are still many attractions that you may have missed the first time that you can visit before you return home. 

    Distance40 nm*
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