French Riviera

15 Day French Riviera Charter Itinerary - Nice to Rome

Nice to Rome

Ideal for Summer Season

Soak up the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera, and be seduced by the captivating islands of Corsica and Sardinia, before arriving in the eternal city of Rome on this comprehensive 15-day itinerary. In just over two weeks, yacht-goers will be able to experience the spectacular and brilliantly varied landscapes, cultures and historical riches of the West Mediterranean.

  • Day 1

    Nice & Monaco

    You will arrive at Nice Airport to begin your Mediterranean luxury yacht charter. In spite of modernization, Nice retains its medieval heritage in the old town, with its narrow winding streets and closely-packed red-tiled roofs. You can stroll along the Promenade des Anglais or cruise down to Monaco to enjoy your evening.

    With centuries of romantic history, Monaco merits its glamorous reputation as an elegant playground for the rich and famous. This autonomous fairy-tale state features a royal palace, a ‘Belle Epoque’ casino, exotic gardens, a cliff-side aquarium, a yacht-filled harbour, plush hotels, ritzy restaurants and sumptuous spa facilities.

    For a night on the town; the Casino, Hotel de Paris and the Café de Paris are all synonymous with inherent Monaco. Try Beef Bar, Avenue 31 or Buddah Bar for dinner. Alternatively try the 18th century-style dining room of Le Louis XV at the Hotel de Paris, where the renowned Alain Ducasse conjures up Italo-Provençal cuisine.

  • Day 2


    Cannes is the “star” of the French Riviera, famous for the International Film Festival and the glitzy hotels, cars, beaches and visitors attracted here.

    The city of Cannes is centred on the old port, with the central part quite compact. The famous “Croisette” is the boulevard and the beach that extends around the bay to the east of the port, in the protected bay of Cannes. The Rue d’Antibes is the main street for shopping, running east-west through the centre of the city.

    The 14th of July is the French National day. Festivities and official ceremonies are held all over France and Cannes will hold the best fireworks of the South of France. For the best view of the fireworks, you can either have dinner on board your superyacht at anchor or enjoy the Z Plage Martinez, private beach of the Martinez Hotel on the Croisette. After-dinner drinks and dancing at Palais, a seasonal and prominent French Riviera party venue, are highly recommended.

  • Day 3

    St Tropez

    The seaside resort town of Saint Tropez, made popular by Brigitte Bardot and the 1950’s Jet Set, remains a favourite of the world’s elite.

    Set on the lovely blue water of the Bay, this modern version of a medieval town is characterised by the line of yachts along the Quai and the facing line of terrace cafés. Behind the cafés, the small streets and old buildings are very picturesque, and you will find a multitude of boutiques and restaurants.

    Dining at Joseph’s is always a good choice. The world famous Caves du Roy is a perennial hot-spot, or choose between the VIP Room and The Papagayo. During the day, head for the Club 55, the most famous restaurant for lunch. Le Spoon Byblos is another trendy restaurant address in St Tropez, opened by super-chef Alain Ducasse, with sumptuous hi-tech design featuring red leather and teak, serving Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Day 4


    The Porquerolles are a group of isolated and serene islands off the French coast known as the “Golden Isles” for the way sunlight shimmers on its mica rock.

    Small coves separated by rugged cliffs boast excellent swimming opportunities. It is the perfect location to recover from your busy night in St Tropez.
    Enjoy Le Mas du Langoustier for either lunch or dinner.

  • Day 5

    St Florent

    In the early morning, start your cruise to St Florent, one of Corsica’s smaller resorts.

    St Florent is tucked away in the rugged north of the island surrounded by hills covered in maquis, thick sweet-smelling vegetation which blooms in spring. The village boasts a citadel on a headland, watching over its narrow streets and harbour. Remarkably, it also has a cathedral on the edge of the cliff, built 150 years ago. Join the lively scene here on the white sandy beaches, waterside bars, and fresh seafood restaurants.

    The terrace of the gastronomic restaurant La Rascasse will offer you an amazing panoramic view of the port.

  • Day 6

    L'ile Rousse

    Developed by Pascal Paoli in the 1760s as a “gallows to hang Calvi”, the port of L’Île Rousse (Isula Rossa) simply doesn’t convince as a Corsican town; its palm trees, smart shops, neat flower gardens and colossal pink seafront hotel create an atmosphere that has more in common with the French Riviera.

    A visit of the picturesque village Monticello is a must for their restaurant A Pasturella. You will discover the traditional Corsican cuisine and some excellent fishes.

  • Day 7


    Jewel of the Balagne, Calvi will impress with the variety of its beauty.

    From its classic stone buildings climbing their way up the rocky hillsides to its imposing Genoese citadel overlooking the picturesque marina, this laid-back town oozes charm and history. Indeed, legend goes that Christopher Columbus was born here, when the town was part of the Genoese empire.
    Wander up through the winding cobblestone streets; the views from the top of the hill over the magnificent blue ocean will be worth the hike.

    For drinking and dining, opt for world-class haute cuisine at La Table de Bastien at the acclaimed La Villa hotel, perched above the city, or chic cocktails at the popular-since-1928 Chez Tao.

  • Day 8

    Scandola Nature Reserve

    The Scandola Nature Reserve takes up the promontory dividing the Balagne from the Golfe de Porto, its name derived from the wooden tiles (scandules) that cover many of the island’s mountain houses.

    But the area’s roof-like rock formations are only part of its amazing geological repertoire: its stacked slabs, towering pinnacles and gnarled claw-like outcrops were formed by Monte Cinto’s volcanic eruptions 250 million years ago, and subsequent erosion has fashioned shadowy caves, grottoes and gashes in the rock. Scandola’s colours are as remarkable as the shapes, the hues varying from the charcoal grey of granite to the incandescent rusty purple of porphyry. The headland and its surrounding water were declared a nature reserve in 1975 and now support significant colonies of seabirds, dolphins and seals, as well as 450 types of seaweed and some remarkable fish such as the grouper, a species more commonly found in the Caribbean.

    We would suggest dinner onboard to enjoy the Chef specialities.

  • Day 9


    This protected area is considered one of the most spectacular and scenic places on the Corsican coast. Girolata is known as “The garden of Corsica” due to its fertile hills.

    The town itself is perched just above the glassy waters of the bay, its renowned Genoese tower and traditional stone houses accessible only by water. Isolated as such, these pale buildings form a virtual island amidst the dramatic green hills and deep sapphire waters, making for one of Corsica’s most dramatic sights.

  • Day 10


    The gulf of Ajaccio is beautiful, and Ajaccio, the capital of the island and birthplace of Napoleon, perches on a large bay.

    Ajaccio is a working town of bustling streets, markets, palm trees, traffic, people, fountains, monuments, and rickety buildings. It has a charm and a buzz all of its own. Step ashore for dinner or for a drink and sit back and watch the world go by. The sumptuous cathedral (1582) and Napoleon’s house are some of the town’s must-see attractions.

    Enjoy the terrace of the Grand Café Napoleon for afternoon drinks and we will suggest the restaurant of the Palm Beach Hotel for the best dinner in town.

  • Day 11


    Perched atop dramatic white limestone cliffs that plunge down into turquoise waters, this historic town at the southern tip of Corsica has become in recent years a favoured destination of the world’s cognoscenti looking to relax.

    While its imposing cliffs are supposed to have once harboured Odysseus – and the race of malevolent giants he encountered – Bonifacio has long since become a laid-back beach town with excellent cuisine and maritime antique shops.

    The restaurant of the modern Hotel Genovese is a must in town. You can also try Le voilier situated directly on the quay.

  • Day 12

    La Maddalena

    La Maddalena is renowned for its beaches, rocky granitic terrain, ancient fortifications, and lush vegetation that add to its sights and smells.

    Only three miles long at its widest point, La Maddalena is one of the most exotic tourist destinations in the world. Although the Island’s written history begins with the Roman Empire, there is archaeological evidence to indicate occupation in prehistoric times. Try La Scogliera or La Casitta for dinner or go straight to Porto Cervo to enjoy the nightlife there.

  • Day 13

    Porto Cervo

    Porto Cervo is often referred to as “Porto Nuovo” and is the main centre in Costa Smeralda, located in the gulf of the same name in northern Sardinia.

    The village itself was designed by the famous Architect Luigi Vietti. Porto Cervo holds piazzas, designer shops, the exclusive Yacht Club Costa Smeralda and also offers golf, tennis and great nightlife. This city is a fashionable playground for the jet set so we could suggest many restaurants and nightclubs. Cipriani and the Billionaire are only a few of them.

  • Day 14


    You will arrive in Rome around lunchtime.

    Sprawled across seven legendary hills, Rome was one of the great centres of the ancient world. Its beginning is shrouded in legend and its development is full of intrigue and struggle - Rome is the eternal city. After tying up in Porto Touristico di Roma Marina, it is a short jump for the guest to scour the city for the best in Italian shopping on the tree lined boulevards dotted with outdoor cafes and fountains. Trips to the Colosseum, the Trevi fountain, the Sistine Chapel and the Spanish steps will allow you to tick off “Things To Do” on your list. For a treat, book table at restaurant Quinzi e Gabrieli for some of Rome’s best sea food or La Posta Vecchia in Palo for authentic charm.

  • Day 15


    Enjoy a swim in the morning before disembarking around lunchtime.

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