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7 Day Charter Itinerary - Tahiti to Bora Bora
The magic of Tahiti
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Day 1

7 Day French Polynesia Charter Itinerary - Tahiti to Bora Bora

The magic of Tahiti

180 nautical miles*

Ideal for Winter Season

Steeped in unparalleled natural beauty, serenity awaits you on this seven-day Tahiti private yacht charter, which takes you around the chain of islands that make up French Polynesia. In the heart of the South Pacific, you will explore crystal-clear lagoons, blissful beaches and lush rainforests, all while soaking up the unique culture and enchanting charisma of this majestic tropical destination.

  • Day 1

    Arrive in Tahiti

    Begin your adventure in Tahiti, the hub of French Polynesia.

    Blending breathtaking scenery with a hive of activity, Tahiti is the perfect spot to begin your luxury yacht charter experience and find your footing in French Polynesia. Capital city Papetee is warm, welcoming, and abundant with opportunities to explore below the surface of the sapphire oceans. Ancient shipwrecks and coral reefs are alive with marine wildlife, so the chance to snorkel or scuba dive should be snapped up. From the bustling harbour, it’s not rare to see pods of dolphins dipping below a peachy-pink sunset.

  • Day 2

    Tahiti to MooreaDistance: 20 nm*

    Tahiti to Moorea

    Travel west and see what makes Moorea a haven of wild beauty.

    Complete with eight spectacular mountain peaks which includes a dormant volcano, Moorea is a sight to behold. To truly discern her charm, disembark and head inland to traverse tumbling waterfalls, glassy lagoons and hiking trails winding through the thriving jungles. There are plenty of places to dine on the island, and overwater bungalows sitting atop clearwater lagoons allow you to enjoy your meal whilst looking down at the local marine life swimming below.

    Tahiti to Moorea
    Distance20 nm*
  • Day 3

    Moorea to HuahineDistance: 80 nm*

    Moorea to Huahine

    Known as the ‘Garden Island’, this idyllic destination is home to lush jungles and smooth white-sand beaches.

    Rich in watermelon groves and coconut fields, Huahine is an Eden of bright blooms and mouth-watering plantations.With much of its authentic Polynesian charm preserved, guests will find perfectly crystalline waters and vast expanses of untouched beaches to enjoy. Kayak down secluded streams and lagoons, or dive into the ocean and see shoals of kaleidoscopic fish up close. A sand bar near the island which only appears when the tide is out is easily accessible to you, thanks to the flexibility of a private yacht charter.

    Moorea to Huahine
    Distance80 nm*
  • Day 4

    Huahine to RaiateaDistance: 40 nm*

    Huahine to Raiatea

    An island bathed in history, this undisturbed oasis is a place of pilgrimage for many in the South Pacific.

    With a name that translates to ‘faraway heaven’, this awe-inspiring island boasts a tranquil lagoon concealing an expansive coral garden just off the shore. Mountains bearing a halo of cloud look down over the sea, and religious temples and sacred statues are buried in their foothills. Head to northern tip of the island for a hands-on educational experience at a pearl farm and take home a Tahitian black pearl as a souvenir. Then, choose to dine on land and sample fresh fish and superb French fusion.

    Huahine to Raiatea
    Distance40 nm*
  • Day 5

    Raiatea to Taha’a Distance: 20 nm*

    Raiatea to Taha’a

    Sharing its translucent lagoon with neighbouring Raiatea, the so-called Vanilla Island is a gem worth exploring.

    Step on to the powder-sand beaches of Taha’a and breathe in the heady aroma of vanilla that cloaks the island. Taha’a grows the majority of the vanilla orchids in French Polynesia, so the ingredient is common in everything from oils to baked goods and is well-worth getting your hands on while you’re there. The same coral reef that you can find in Raiatea extends to Taha’a, and shallower depths allow you to swim alongside the incredible creatures that flourish here.

    Raiatea to Taha’a
    Distance20 nm*
  • Day 6-7

    Taha’a to Bora Bora Distance: 20 nm*

    Taha’a to Bora Bora

    A postcard-perfect tropical paradise,  Bora Bora is known as the jewel of French Polynesia for a good reason.

    Become enamoured with the enchanting destination that is Bora Bora, the last stop on your charter. Ivory beaches stretch out invitingly and a large barrier reef bordering the island promises a memorable snorkelling experience. The island’s famous lagoon entices guests to step into the glassy, turquoise water and float in a perfect state of blissful relaxation. But for more action, you can head to a dedicated spot to feed sharks and sting rays. Helicopter rides are available over the magnificent island, and there are plenty of spots to enjoy fine dining.

    Taha’a to Bora Bora
    Distance20 nm*
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