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7 Day Charter Itinerary - Elbow Cay to Treasure Cay
An Abacos Islands Adventure
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Day 1

7 Day Bahamas Charter Itinerary - Elbow Cay to Treasure Cay

An Abacos Islands Adventure

Great for Summer and Winter

Explore hidden beaches and forgotten lands in our 7-Day yacht-charter across the Abacos Islands. Swim with turtles, dophins and even pigs in this relaxing beach adventure.

  • Day 1

    Begin in Elbow Cay

    Begin in Elbow Cay

    To get your Bahamas yacht charter vacation off to an exciting start, your first port of call is the 4.5 mile long Elbow Cay. When exploring the Abacos Islands, your list of things to do should always include a trip to this island.

    A must see at Elbow Cay is the world famous, candy striped, lighthouse. Standing at 89 feet tall, the Elbow Reef Lighthouse is one of the last remaining manually operated lighthouses in the world. An absolute pleasure to visit, it also provides a chance to stretch your legs as you climb up its 101 steps to the top.

    After witnessing the most famous landmark of the Abacos Islands your next stop is to tour Hope Town. Enjoyable for all ages Hope Town is brimming with life and will keep you entertained all day and night.

    For a historic venture make a visit to the Wyannie Malone Museum to see how residents lived in the 19th century. Then after topping up your knowledge of history, extend your visiting hours to Hope Town by joining the nightlife scene with live music and entertainment till the early hours.

    Begin in Elbow Cay
  • Day 2

    Take a culture trip in Man-O-War Cay

    Take a culture trip in Man-O-War Cay

    An ideal stop for history enthusiast and fishing lovers alike, the often forgotten Man-O-War Cay provides both.  Discover the traditional architecture and take a dive to experience exotic animals amongst clear waters. 

    Situated north of Great Abaco Island, Man-O-War Cay is an ideal stop for historians. Arriving at the 2-mile long island is like taking a large step back in time. With beautifully preserved architecture, the English Loyalist settlements remain as dominant today as they did in 1798.

    If you are a fan of diving then take a trip to the Man-O-War Cay Marina. From here you can arrange a guided dive which can take you around all the crystal clear waters surrounding the island.

    When travelling around the island on a golf cart or bike, you can experience peace and tranquillity in the relaxed atmosphere of Man-O-War Cay. With the narrowest part of the island being a mere 10 metres wide, this island is toned down compared to other bustling Bahamian islands, making it perfect for those who enjoy quiet holidays.

    Take a culture trip in Man-O-War Cay
  • Day 3

    Adventure into the deep blue sea in Green Turtle Cay

    Adventure into the deep blue sea in Green Turtle Cay

    Green Turtle Bay is the must-stop destination for animal lovers.  Take a dive into the deep blue sea and spot turtles, dolphins and swordfish.  For those still a child at heart, Green Turtle Bay can fulfil those pirate fantasies. 

    A joy for charters who love to fish, Green Turtle Cay is your next port of call. In a location where bonefishing is an immensely popular sport, you can join the race to catch a record-breaking bonefish. The current weight to beat is 17lb 2oz.

    As well as fishing for wildlife there are also ample opportunities to witness them in their natural habitats. Diving amongst the reefs you can see many species of fish and slightly further out you may also encounter dolphins, tuna and swordfish.

    In addition to the amazing quality of natural habitats for wildlife, Green Turtle Cay also boasts an exciting history with pirates. During the 17th century, pirates used marinas on the island, including Coco Bay and Black Sound, to clean and repair the hulls of their ships.

    Exploring these marinas give you small glimpses into what they left behind.

    Adventure into the deep blue sea in Green Turtle Cay
  • Day 4

    Explore Caribbean culture in Little Harbour

    Explore Caribbean culture in Little Harbour

    Wander amongst creativity in Little Harbour Bay.  Buy gifts, trinkets and statues from local artists and truly delve into the culture. 

    East of the Abacos mainland, Little Harbour is an island bred on creativity and art. Being home to a community of artists since the 1950s art enthusiasts can be greeted with life-size bronzes and many beautiful hand-crafted pieces of jewellery.

    After shopping for unique trinkets and masterpieces you can explore many fascinating sites on the island. A landmark to take priority is the Old Lighthouse. For what was once a manually operated lighthouse, the remains are a sight to see after the devastation from the 1999 hurricane.

    Like Green Turtle Cay the pirates left their mark at Little Harbour in small caves which can be visited at the foot of the cliffs. Whilst in the water, take a trip round to the western side of the island to see many porpoises and sea turtles swimming at their leisure. Then before leaving Little Harbour enjoy the legendary pirate favourite, rum punch, at Pete's Pub on the beach.

    Explore Caribbean culture in Little Harbour
  • Day 5

    Relax and come alive in Great Guana Cay

    Relax and come alive in Great Guana Cay

    Great Guana Cay manages to combine exuberant nightlife and the relaxation of a beach holiday in one.  Explore the reefs and discover the wildlife during the day and party the night away!

    Best known for the 5 and 1/2 mile beach, Great Guana Cay is a remote island with a small population of 150. However, despite the small population, this island has been nicknamed the party island. With many nightlife locations, Great Guana Cay knows how to entertain and presents many delicious rum cocktails.

    On arrival at the island on a superyacht charter, you will be spoilt for choice as you're introduced to many species of rare, native wildlife. Perfect for animal lovers you can expect to see exotic birds including the white-crowned pigeon and many turtles of various breeds along the beaches.

    Off the island and into the water you are treated to the third-largest Barrier Reef in the world. With stunning staghorn reefs and more species of fish than you can count this is a highlight of the entire excursion to the Bahamas.

    Relax and come alive in Great Guana Cay
  • Day 6

    Visit picture perfect New Plymouth

    Visit picture perfect New Plymouth

    On the penultimate day of your Abacos tour make a return to Green Turtle Cay to see the charming settlement of New Plymouth. For what looks like a picture-postcard, the cottages and white picket fences are truly picturesque and make you feel as though you are in New England.

    Remaining with the colonial theme take a trip to The Albert Lowe Museum and the beautiful Memorial Sculpture Garden. See carefully crafted bronzes and learn about the local history of the Bahamian islands.

    Continue your cultural journey by seeing one of the four churches on the Cay. Hosting more churches than any other Cay in the Bahamas, the spiritualism and sanctity amongst the residents is truly unrivalled.

    Visit picture perfect New Plymouth
  • Day 7

    Indulge in relaxation at Treasure Cay

    Indulge in relaxation at Treasure Cay

    In the final stop on the tour around the Bahamas, Treasure Cay provides the perfect place to unwind and reflect. 

    On your last day in the Abacos Islands, there is no other way to end on a high than by visiting Treasure Cay. With the beach being named within the National Geographic's Top Ten Beaches there is no other reason needed to relax on the impeccable crescent-shaped coastline.

    A liberating activity to undertake whilst on Treasure Cay is to take a stroll around the 18 hole championship golf course. Being the only golf course in the Abacos region this site is highly popular and boasts impressive facilities for all the players.

    To finish off your trip to Treasure Cay, indulge in a little more fishing and try to catch your own tuna, snapper or yellowfin. Followed by some local cocktails you can end your Bahamian vacation in style.

    Indulge in relaxation at Treasure Cay
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