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6 Days, from Pakleni Archipelago to Pula

Hundreds of pristine islands and an idyllic coastline peppered with captivating historical cities make Croatia an unmissable charter destination. The paradisiacal Pakleni Archipelago offers deserted lagoons, crystal clear waters and pine-covered interiors, while the uninhabited islands of the Kornati National Park invite exploration and relaxation in utter seclusion. On the mainland, yacht-goers can take in stunning historical architecture, meander through charming cobbled streets, and dine on local delicacies and locally produced wine.

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  • Day 1 Pakleni Archipelago

    Pakleni Archipelago

    Day 1 Pakleni Archipelago

    Begin your Mediterranean luxury yacht charter in Croatia by spending the day in Split, a city which can only be described as a quaint paradise.

    Starting your private yacht charter in Croatia’s second largest city, you’ll be able to stock up on any necessary luxuries whilst getting a taste for Croatian life, not to mention a taste of its local cuisine.

    Departing from Split on the Dalmatia coast, you’ll be inspired by making a passage through some of the hundreds of tiny bays which are largely untouched and uninhabited. The crystal clear waters surrounding the bays are calm and clear, making the area perfect for your first taste of diving or snorkelling in Croatia.

  • Day 2 Skradin


    Day 2 Skradin

    After enjoying a day of relaxation in the Pakleni archipelago, head towards a small town up the river Krka called Skradin- this location is well known in the area for having outstanding natural beauty.

    As one of the oldest towns in Croatia, this tourist hotspot is steeped in history and has a pretty stone city type setting. The churches are exquisite as well as the quaint streets which are lined with small stores and postcard-perfect scenery.

    Skradin is locally known as being the entrance to the Krka National Park. Although there are five entrances to the National Park, this entry point is one of the more popular and accessible options. If you only have time to visit one main focal point, make sure it’s the waterfalls. Surrounded by lush green foliage, this area is idyllic and incredibly peaceful.

  • Day 3 Kornati Archipelago

    Kornati Archipelago

    Day 3 Kornati Archipelago

    Heading to the Kornati archipelago, charterers can be assured of another day of seclusion and pure relaxation.

    The most densely packed collection of islands within the Mediterranean, this archipelago is comprised of 147 individual islands to provide an abundance of choice for your third day in Croatia.

    Like the Pakleni archipelago, many of these islands will be void of any other visitors, meaning you can enjoy the luxury of your own bay for the day. Take the time to rest on the quiet and luxurious beaches while taking in the stunning surroundings. Keep cool by snorkelling in the surrounding waters to see the extended beauty which lives below the water's surface.

  • Day 4 Mali Losinj

    Mali Losinj

    Day 4 Mali Losinj

    Heading back to civilization, you're in for a treat as you visit the largest island town in the Adriatic Sea.

    Mali Losinj is a cultural location which allows you to get a feel for the Croatian way of life. After anchoring down in the naturally pretty harbour, make your way to the Fritzy Palace to see an exquisite collection of art. The highlight of the Palace is unquestionably the 2000 year old statue of the Apoxyomen.

    If art isn’t  your thing, take a tour of the town and visit the pretty churches and many architectural wonders which make this location so popular among discerning travellers. After enjoying some local delicacies and locally produced wine, head back to your superyacht to watch the sunset and prepare yourself for your next destination.

  • Day 5 Rovinj


    Day 5 Rovinj

    A day of sightseeing lies in store for you as you cruise to the pretty island of Veli Brijun.

    Even before you arrive you will see the stunning surroundings and picture perfect settings which will make some ideal vacation photographs.

    Jumping on a train across to the city of Rovinj, you’ll be sure to marvel at the narrow winding streets and pretty stores and stalls. During the evening, the city comes to life and becomes an entertainment hotspot, so make sure you check out the many bars while trying some of the local food.

  • Day 6 Pula


    Day 6 Pula

    The final day of your Croatian yacht charter takes place in the city of Pula.

    The largest city in the Istrian peninsula, this location is steeped in 3000 years of history and is ideal for soaking up a little culture to take home from your travels.

    Walking round the old section of the city you’ll be entranced by the stunning Roman amphitheatre. Largely intact, this is a perfect sight for history lovers in your group or those who love taking holiday photos.

    Moving towards the modern region of the city, you can shop till you drop and enjoy a last Croatian style lunch before making your journey homewards.

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