Everything you can still do on a Bahamas yacht charter after Hurricane Dorian

By Richard Watkins   2 October 2019

Hurricane Dorian left a trail of devastation in its wake when it made landfall across the Abacos Islands and Grand Bahama last month; but the majority of islands in the Bahamas escaped relatively unscathed from the worst of the tropical storm. If you are planning your next crewed Bahamas yacht charter, here are all the places you can still visit and all the activities you can still do in the Exumas, Nassau and beyond.

With its miles of sandy shores, crystal-clear waters and year-round warm temperatures, the Bahamas is a magnet for luxury yacht charters

The myriad of islands which make up the archipelago are spread over 259,000 square kilometers, and each has its own unique charms.

Whether you are looking for pure relaxation on a secluded sandy beach, adrenalline-fuelled excitement or unique and unforgettable experiences, you will find them all in the Bahamas. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Swimming with nurse sharks

The nurse sharks of Compass Cay make a great addition to a Bahamas yacht charter itinerary, giving you the chance to swim alongside these playful creatures in their natural habitat.

Glide along beside them or wade in the shallows of the jetty and let them come to you; they're naturally inquisitive and well-accustomed to human interaction.

Diving in Pablo Escobar's sunken plane wreck

Nestled in the seabed just off Norman's Cay, the corroding skeleton of Pablo Escobar's plane lies in the shallows. The plane was once used as part of the narcotics kingpin's drug-smuggling operation to the USA, before it fell short of a self-made runway and came to its final resting place with no casualties.

The area makes the perfect dive site, with plenty of fish and coral now calling it their home. It sits just 10 feet below sea level, so it is primed for novice divers as well as experienced pros.

Discovering the statues at Clifton Heritage National Park

Occupying an on-land and in-water area, Clifton Heritage National Park is a must-visit for anyone with an interest in learning more about the fascinating history of these Caribbean islands.

The underwater area is particularly mesmerizing, with numerous statues waiting to be explored by divers. The world's largest underwater statue- the 5.5m-high Ocean Atlas - sits just a little way off-shore and is a true hidden gem of the Bahamas.

Diving in Thunderball Grotto

Named after the eponymous 1965 James Bond movie, which was filmed here, Thunderball Grotto is one of the most thrilling destinations in the Bahamas for experienced and adventurous divers to explore.

Accessed from the beach, a series of underwater tunnels and caves filled with colourful corals and numerous fish species leads to a large central cavern. The dome-shaped grotto soars above the surface of the water so divers can surface and enjoy the spectacular natural beauty, as impressive as any movie set.

Taking a stroll along Pink Sand Beach

Pink Sand Beach is one of the most unusual and most striking beaches in the world, stretching for 5km along the eastern coast of Harbour Island, which is part of Eleuthera.

The rosy hue of the sand, which can vary dramatically in intensity from day to day, is created by the mixing of numerous coloured sea shells with the naural white sand. It's a unique and unforgettable sight, while the shallow water here also makes it a great place for swimming and snorkelling.

Swimming with sharks at Tiger Beach

Tiger Beach, located some 30km off the West End of Grand Bahama Island, is one of only a handful of places in the world where you can swim with a variety of shark species in their natural habitat.

Encountering these awe-inspiring marine predators at close quarters is the ultimate underwater adventure for trained and experienced scuba divers.

The sea is clear and relatively shallow around Tiger Beach, so visibility is ideal for observing and photographing these amazing creatures. The tiger sharks' breeding season, between October and January, is an especially good time to visit.

Enjoy the sandy beaches at Staniel Cay

The tiny island of Staniel Cay is fringed with dazzlingly white sandy beaches reaching into the surrounding turquoise sea. It's the picture-postcard image of the pristine Caribbean island, and the shallow water and reefs close to shore make it a great snorkelling spot.

On the west coast, the Staniel Cay Yacht Club is a welcoming stopover for lunch and the nearby Town Beach is the most accessible of the island's beaches. The more remote Pirate Beach, on the northern tip of Staniel Cay, is also worth seeking out, while there are a number of secluded coves to discover all along the coast.

Meet the locals on Pig Beach

No humans live on Big Major Cay, a tiny island in the Exumas chain, but it is home to a colony of feral pigs and for or a truly unique experience, you can step ashore on Pig Beach and swim with these charismatic creatures.

The pigs are used to visitors and are perfectly happy with the attention, and the food, brought by new arrivals. Take a walk along the white sandy beach and greet the pigs wading through the clear, shallow water for some memorable photo opportunities.

Have some watery fun at Atlantis Paradise Island

Just north of Nassau, Atlantis Paradise Island is the biggest waterpark in the Caribbean, offering a vast range of watery activities, along with entertainment venues, restaurants, beaches and a stunning golf course.

It's the perfect family destination, with landscaped grounds featuring 18 high-speed waterslides, 11 themed swimming pools and, if you're looking for a more sedate experience, a mile-long lazy river ride.

The island is home to one of the world's largest open-air marine mammal habitats, where you can swim with the resident dolphins. You can also enjoy an unforgettable snorkelling adventure exploring the 'Ruins of Atlantis', a recreated sunken city home to 20,000 fish.

Unwind at the Ocean Club Spa

Located on Paradise Island, north of Nassau, The Ocean Club is a Four Seasons resort set on a stretch of white sandy beach. It's the perfect venue to enjoy the ultimate five-star spa experience in a soothing natural setting.

Take time out to enjoy a relaxing and restorative massage in one of the spa's elegant Balinese-style villas, surrounded by lush tropical gardens, or choose from an extensive list of indulgent body treatments.

Try the bathing rituals and cascading waterfall showers, treat yourself to the signature Bahamas rhythm massage or tone your muscles in the morning yoga class.

For more insider advice and tips, you can consult our guide to Bahamas yacht charters.

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