Cuba Itinerary Details

A Week In Cuba

7 Days, from Havana to Havana

Cuba, home of the legendary Cuban cigars and exotic salsa clubs promises to be an exciting and memorable trip. Working your way around the coast you’ll experience Cuban lifestyle at its most authentic and enjoy the sumptuous white sandy beaches. Spending a week on your luxury charter yacht will give you enough time to indulge in the best the country has to offer and will entice you so much that you will want to return time and again.

Ideal in the winter season

  • Day 1 Havana


    Day 1 Havana

    Ahead of embarking your charter yacht, there is time for you to get acquainted with the captivating city ahead of you.

    Familiarise yourself with the location by exploring some of the small streets adjacent to the harbour. As you look up and around, the stunning 16th century Spanish architecture is sure to take your breath away. The beautiful shapes and colours around the city will only enchant you more as you meander further into the winding streets of the salsa hotspot. Don't become too engrossed in the magical city as you will have plenty of time to explore her beauty at the latter end of your luxury yacht charter experience. Take a stroll along the promenade and indulge in a delicious, fresh supper before joining your charter yacht for the night.

  • Day 2 Bahia De Cabanas

    Bahia De Cabanas

    Day 2 Bahia De Cabanas

    As your first port of call, Bahia De Cabanas offers a true taste of Cuban life. Sink your toes into the lavishly warm sandy beach before exploring the village and it's tranquil setting.

    If you love culture the best place is to visit is the local church. Decorated in blues and white, the church has a significant part in local life. Take a peek inside to get a glimpse of the religious aspect of Cuba before heading back into the sunlight and into the main hub of activity. As a fishing village there are plenty of opportunities to purchase freshly caught seafood, and even the chance to try some local delicacies at one of the family run cafes.

  • Day 3 Cayo Levisa

    Cayo Levisa

    Day 3 Cayo Levisa

    Located along the northern coast of Cuba, the pure white sandy beaches of Cayo Levisa are beyond tempting and continually attract luxury charter yachts throughout the year.

    This cay gives you some down time to enjoy the idyllic atmosphere and explore the magnificent world beneath the waves. Cayo Levisa has some great snorkelling and diving opportunities for you to indulge in while visiting the island. The crystal clear waters allow you to see some of the thousands of underwater residents and maybe your underwater camera can take some unforgettable shots of your diving trip. There is a hotel on the island, sporting only 20 cottages, which does have some amenities for you to use but you may find that a little fishing trip just off the coast will be a more relaxing and indulgent way to end your day here.

  • Day 4 Cayo Jutias

    Cayo Jutias

    Day 4 Cayo Jutias

    More sunbathing time awaits you at Cayo Jutias but on a much quieter background. With some even more lavish white sandy beaches, including the 3km stretch known as the most undiscovered beach in Cuba, there is plenty of paradise to enjoy and ample space to get active.

    Break out the jet skis for some adrenaline pumping fun, before swapping them for a tender to take down the narrow causeway between the cay and the mainland. Plunging in to the depths, the reefs in the causeway have been responsible for many shipwrecks, some of which are still lying beneath the waves. Journey down to the seabed to see some Spanish galleon remains and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the underwater species now inhabiting the ruins. After taking some snaps of the pretty coral displays and some of the friendly fish, resurface to join your tender and head back to your luxury charter for an indulgent meal while watching the stunning sunset.

  • Day 5 Cayo Di Buenavista

    Cayo Di Buenavista

    Day 5 Cayo Di Buenavista

    Now making your way back to the Cuban capital, Cayo di Buenavista offers sumptuous Caribbean beaches without even the remotest trace of tourists.

    It is easy to find a spot where you can enjoy some solitude and peace as you watch the world go by from your very own peace of heaven. If you fancy something other than sunbathing, make the most of the open waters by trying a spot of windsurfing or taking a whirl on the jet skis again. Adjourn to your charter yacht decking for some Cuban cocktails and a high quality meal as you raise anchor and begin the journey back to Havana.

  • Day 6 Havana


    Day 6 Havana

    Back to the land of the stunning 16th century architecture and the day is yours to explore.

    With so much to see and do you will be spoilt for choice on where to start. When entering the harbour look out for the iconic Castillo De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro. Matching all the 16th century masterpieces in the city, the fortress is the ideal place to start a cultural day in Havana. Continue a cultural journey by stopping off at El Capitolio, the ex government stately building. With a staggering statue inside, incredible architectural detail and great cafes outside, this is one for your 'to-do list'. After enjoying a delightful Cuban lunch, a quick trip to Casablanca is in order to see some more historic landmarks. See some remaining cannons and turrets before moving on to central Havana for amazing shopping opportunities and an unforgettable night on the town.

  • Day 7 Havana


    Day 7 Havana

    Pick up any last souvenirs from the Cuban capital before making your way home.

    Before leaving the city make sure you have one last spin in a salsa session and a couple of Cuban cigars before returning to reality.

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