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6 Days, from Havana to Puerto Esperanza

Welcome to the incredible island of Cuba. Well known for their cigars, exotic dance scene, and their Spanish heritage, the island offers something unique and exciting to all of its visitors. During your charter vacation in Cuba you will be able to relax, explore, and enjoy the very essence of this beautiful location while ticking off more than one item from your bucket list.

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  • Day 1 Havana


    Day 1 Havana

    Arriving at Havana to begin your Cuba luxury yacht charter, you will instantly see why this is such an intriguing destination. Enjoy the historic sites in Old Havana which date back to the 17th century before rejoining the modern world and embracing the modern shopping scene. After enjoying a traditional Cuban lunch, prepare yourself for an evening of excitement.

    The nightlife in Havana is legendary and will see you returning to your charter yacht in the early hours of the morning. Try one of the many exquisite restaurants before heading to one of the bars or nightclubs to try a few local cocktails and submerge yourself in the salsa scene.

  • Day 2 Bahia de Cabanas

    Bahia de Cabanas

    Day 2 Bahia de Cabanas

    Travelling west from the Cuban capital you will make your way to Bahia de Cabanas. Popular for its sheltered bay, the small town of Cabanas is an enchanting location which will give you a fresh taste of true Cuban life.

    After sampling some of the local delicacies, spend some time relaxing on one of the pretty beaches and soaking up the warm sun. Take your first dive of the trip to see some of the stunning coral formations beneath the water's surface. The reefs here offer a multitude of coral species as well as some brightly coloured marine life for you to observe.

  • Day 3 Cayo Levisa

    Cayo Levisa

    Day 3 Cayo Levisa

    Moving further west around the Cuban coast Cayo Levisa provides a beautiful location for you to enjoy some peace and solitude.

    The northern coast of the cay gives you sublime beaches for you to sink your toes into while the southern area is surrounded by mangrove swamps. After enjoying some beachcombing and a light lunch, take the tender for a spin and explore the swamps to see if you can find any wildlife. If watching wildlife doesn't excite you, take your fishing gear and try your luck at catching a fresh supper to eat while watching the Cuban sunset.

  • Day 4 Cayo Jutias

    Cayo Jutias

    Day 4 Cayo Jutias

    Another prime example of a typical Cuban cay, this island is much smaller than Cayo Levisa with much of the excitement found beneath the water's surface.

    Before grabbing your diving gear, make the most of the quaint setting of the small island which looks little more than a strip of land surrounded by turquoise waters. Catch some rays, and enjoy a cocktail or two in one of the beach bars before plunging into depths. The reefs around this particular area are known to be hazardous to ships, and the evidence is clear when you dive down below. If you never been on a wreck dive this is a great place to start. There are multiple wrecks of Spanish galleons scattered across the seabed where they have bilged either on the land or the coral reefs. Some are more intact than others, but the experience remains phenomenal.

  • Day 5 Cayo de Buonavista

    Cayo de Buonavista

    Day 5 Cayo de Buonavista

    The Cayo di Buonavista is all about ultimate relaxation. Largely untouched, this cay is one of the only locations in the area to be practically deserted and undeveloped. It's highly likely that you will be the only visitors to the island so treat today like your own private island adventure.

    Stroll along the soft sandy beaches, walk through the lush vegetation and cool off in the refreshing cobalt blue waters. Today is all about you, so make the most of the solitude as you sip on a mojito or two, and enjoy the atmosphere of paradise.

  • Day 6 Puerto Esperanza

    Puerto Esperanza

    Day 6 Puerto Esperanza

    On your passage back towards Havana at the end of your vacation, drop anchor at Puerto Esperanza to seize your last chance to take a dive in the cool waters. The reefs here are spectacular and brimming with marine life.

    In addition to watching the fish at play, you may also be able to buy some freshly caught fish from the local fishermen in the quiet village. Enjoy your last taste of paradise as you relax on the sandy beaches and eventually make your way back to the yacht for the four hour cruise back to Havana.

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