7 Day Croatia Charter Itinerary - Pula to Vibo Valentina

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Embarking on your chosen luxury charter yacht, you will see some of the best views that Europe has to offer. Cruising past quaint towns nestled into rock faces and beaches you can only dream of, this week long tour of the Adriatic will be a trip you will never forget. Boarding your vessel at Pula, the dedicated crew on your luxury charter yacht will anchor down at various destinations to show you some prime highlights of this beautiful, and culturally rich area in Europe.

  • Day 1


    Arrive as early as you can to the biggest city in the Istria county to make the most of the location before meeting up with your chosen luxury charter yacht.

    This particular location is a highly sought after holiday destination which is famed for having roman ruins and a pretty, protected harbour. A must see when exploring the city of Pula is the first century amphitheatre. Placed in the rankings of one of the six largest remaining roman arenas in the world, this site is incredibly popular and is still used today for festivals. If you time your visit correctly you may be in time to see the annual film festival.

    Another roman point of interest is the temple of Augustus. Situated close to the sea, and built around the same time as the first century amphitheatre, this temple was once surrounded by other temples including the temple of Jupiter and Minerva. Part of the remaining walls of the temples have been integrated into the structure of the communal palace during the 13th century, so this might be an interesting pit stop too.

    Once you’ve seen the highlights of the ancient city the time will come for you to embark your luxury charter yacht. Meet the crew and take a tour of the vessel so you can settle in to your temporary home for the week, ready to raise anchor to depart for your first port of call.

  • Day 2


    Your first anchorage of your historic tour is the popular island of Hvar.

    As the longest island on the Adriatic, this island differs largely from your previous location at Pula. Whereas Pula is largely roman orientated, the island of Hvar has many renaissance and gothic influences. If you love beach holidays you will enjoy your day at Hvar as many tourists come here for the pretty coastline and secluded coves. But if you crave culture and exploration you have plenty to see.

    A good place to start is Stari Grad. As one of the oldest towns in Europe, this Greek settlement, previously known as Pharos, is an interesting town of historic importance. Throughout the town there are many structures which have outlived the strains of time like the Dominican Monastery and the old windmill in the harbour. The most treasured part of Stari Grad is the agricultural zone which also happens to be UNESCO listed. The Stari Grad Plain was established by Greek colonists and is still in use today. Growing mostly olives and grapes the agricultural landscape should be high on your list of things to do, especially when there’s a wine tasting tour included.

    Whilst on the island there are some pretty walks you can enjoy through the hills of Hvar, including marked trails through fields of lavender. The smell is strong but lovely. Make your way up some of the elevations to get a beautiful sweeping view of the fields before returning to the tourist sector to indulge in some fine cuisine in a restaurant overlooking the harbour.

  • Day 3


    Moving in to the country of Montenegro, the city of Budva is without a doubt one of the prettiest coastal locations in the area.

    Continuing your historic indulgence, the Old Town of Budva is ready to whisk you away into the past. The Illyrian settlement has changed hands many times throughout it’s history and archaeological research depicts that there is quite a lot of history to the location, since it was in existence before the Greeks arrived on the scene.

    The Old Town of Bidva is easy to spot as it is surrounded by ancient stone walls with built in fortifications and city gates. The pedestrianised area within the stone walls features many piazzas which hold small but delightful eateries and quaint little family run businesses. In addition to the squares of local communities, there are several old churches which act like statement pieces around the Old Town, including the 17th century  St Ivan church. Stroll around the streets whilst looking up to appreciate the architecture of the town before heading back towards the modern area of Budva.

    The tourist market brings a lot of trade to Budva, making the coastline a very busy and active area to be in. There are long stretches of beaches filled with hotel residents but there are also some hidden, private beaches only reachable by private vessels. If crowded beaches don’t bother you then spend some time on the sand or pebbles and have some fun on the waves with some of the many water sports opportunities available.

    If you still have energy at the end of the day, change into your evening wear for a night on the town. The nightlife here is exciting and vibrant, so try out a few of the clubs and bars to make this one night to remember.

  • Day 4


    Into the Greek region and today you visit one of the most popular Greek Island destinations, Corfu.

    Have a restful start to your day in Corfu and hit the coastline. With a staggering 200 km of beaches to choose from it’s almost guaranteed you’ll find a quiet spot somewhere. Lounge on the sand and have a swim in the cool waters as you prepare for a light lunch and an afternoon of exploring.

    The Greek islands are well known for having many sites of historical significance and Corfu is no different. One historical site worth visiting is located under the hill of Ascension. The temple of Poseidon stands in ruins but is a great stop if you have never seen a Greek temple before. Many temples once stood on the island of Corfu but not many of them have beaten the element of time. The domed structure of the temple is in ruins but it still clearly depicts the love and respect the Greek people had for their gods.

    The Bay of Castrades is another location worth a visit on your Corfu stop over. The first of two historical sites in this area is the tomb of Menekrates. Circular in shape, this tomb is a popular historical site which highlights more of the ancient Greek culture. Take another step into the past by visiting the site of the ancient city of Corcyra. Sat between the Bay of Castrades and the lake of Halikiopoulo, this ancient city would have had a couple of ports and would have been an active hub for trade on the island. There are still some established ruins here to see but the views more than make up for the lack in amenities in the area.

  • Day 5


    Moving over across the waters, the next destination of Gallipoli is situated in two parts.

    The first part, the mainland, is the modern and main tourist hub of this location. Relax on the beaches, work on your tan and spend some built up energy by speeding across the waves on your jet skis as you work up an apetite for a delicious freshly prepared lunch.

    The main interest at Gallipoli is actually sat on a small island off the coast of the mainland. Jumping back to the 14th century, the old stone walls border the island and provide great look out points for some pretty views. Exploring this 14th century settlement you will see a selection of baroque style chapels and a maze of narrow winding streets.

    If you still have time for more exploring. A picturesque scene nearby is Lake Varano, the largest lake in southern Italy. Spend the evening here with a candlelit supper.

  • Day 6


    Easily one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area, Taormina has lashings of luxury just waiting for you.

    More upmarket than many other places in the area, Taormina will give you every indulgence you need. Start off by heading into the tourist area where you can find a high quality spa to have a massage treatment or two. Follow it up with a michelin style lunch and a stroll by the harbour as you get ready for an energetic afternoon.

    Being sat so close to Mount Etna it’s difficult to not acknowledge her presence. Marked trails lead the way to the summit of the still active volcano but if you can’t make it all the way up there are still some beautiful views to admire throughout the climb. Have a mid afternoon picnic and glass of champagne before making your way back down the mountain to rest on your luxury charter yacht or on the sandy beaches.

  • Day 7

    Vibo Valentina

    On your day of disembarking your luxury charter yacht, make the most of the morning by spending a couple of hours on an isolated beach. Tucked into a natural carving on the coastline, the sandy beach will provide shelter from the breeze and give you just that little bit longer in paradise.

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