13 Day Charter Itinerary - Genoa to Naples
13 days exploring the shimmering Italian Riviera
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Day 1

13 Day Genoa Charter Itinerary - Genoa to Naples

13 days exploring the shimmering Italian Riviera

550 nautical miles*

Ideal for Summer Season

Sweeping down from the glittering French Riviera to the alluring towns of Tuscany, the Italian Riviera combines antiquated charm with exquisite natural beauty for enchanting charter vacations. Cruising the coast, yacht-goers will experience the alluring magic of its pastel-coloured villages perched atop rugged hilltops, as well as glorious stretches of golden sand lapped by crystal clear waters and exclusive Italian resorts.

Portifino sumptuously infuses modern luxury with historical charm and Mediterranean tranquility
  • Day 1

    GenoaDistance: 10 nm*

    the heart of Italian Riviera

    On this day you will arrive at Genoa airport for your Italian luxury yacht charter.

    Genoa is the heart of Italian Riviera. To the west runs the Riviera di Ponente to the French border; and the Riviera di Levante that runs south and east from Genoa to the Gulf of La Spezia. You will be meeting your superyacht's crew shortly, but take the opportunity to explore the cobblestone streets and admire the Baroque architecture of Palazzo Reale. 

    Your captain will give you a brief on what to expect during your charter, followed by a cruise along the coast of Corsica where you will dine onboard to a delicious meal prepared by your masterful chef made from fresh local ingredients. 

    Distance10 nm*
  • Day 2

    Luxury awaits in Portofino

    Prepare for a taste of Jet-set Italy! On this day you will venture east towards Portofino and the bay of Santa Margarita.

    Before leaving, it is well worth taking a short trip around the headland to visit the small monastery at San Fruttuoso. The whole Tuscany coast is interesting from there all the way down, stopping perhaps in the Golf of La Spezia next to the Isola Palmaria. 

    When you arrive you may wish to explore the water using the on-deck toys. This area is famous for its crystalline waters, and even homes the underwater marvel of Christ of the Abyss- a sunken statue. As evening approaches you may wish to dine at some local hotspots. We recommend you resere a table at Hotel Splendido for an authentic taste of the Italian Riviera. 

  • Day 3

    Be at peace in the serenity of ElbaDistance: 70 nm*

    On this day your luxury charter yacht will cruise to Portovenere for a refreshing morning dip, then down to the island of Elba.

    The island is made verdant by many underground springs, ensuring the land and the people that live in it are full of life. This ultimately compliments the azure waters that surround Elba, making it appear abundantly blue and tranquil.

    Porto Ferrario is the largest port on the island although one can always find good shelter in one of the many bays and inlets all round the island.  We suggest a bay to the north called Biodola Bay. It is also possible to visit Napoleon’s house where he was exiled in 1814.  Or perhaps you will prefer to anchor on the east coast at Porto Azzuro which boasts enviable cruising backdrops. 

    Distance70 nm*
  • Day 4

    St Florent and Calvi

    An overnight six-hour passage brings the yacht round Cap Corse and into the bay of St Florent for breakfast.

    After you and your guests have finished your morning meal you can catch some sun as your captain sails you through glistening waters towards your afternoon location. From St Florent round to Calvi there are a number of small coves well worth stopping in to use the water toys. Calvi is quite a small harbour and is always full, however, it is very pretty to anchor off for the night. You will dine by the coast, or if you wish you can venture onto the island and search for some regional cuisine. The locals are welcoming and always happy to assist, they may even point you to some hidden gems unknown by many tourists. 

  • Day 5

    Calvi - Girolata

    Calvi - Girolata

    From Calvi down to Girolata, there are a number of large bays, surrounded by hills with good beaches.

    Two really good ones are Nichiareto and Galeria where you will have a picturesque vantage view of Mount Cinto. This part of the island is abundant with nature walks and hiking trails, perfect for active guests who wish to have their own mini expedition into the vast nature reserve of Corsica.

    Swimming and diving are excellent here, with beaches sporting secret coves that you can get small tender into if you wish to search for treasure. Girolata Bay is very pleasant so perhaps spend the night on anchor here.

    Calvi - Girolata
  • Day 6

    Nestle in Ajaccio

    Nestle in Ajaccio

    From here down to the southern part of Corsica, are a series of headlands and gulfs and with the exception of Ajaccio, there are no harbours of any consequence to lie in.

    You can choose to spend your day here, lapping up the sun in the superb little bays and bartering with the local fishermen for the catch of the day. Allow yourself a completely lazy day of lounging and sipping cocktails in this postcard-perfect coast.

    If you would like to do some last-minute souvenir shopping, spend the day wandering the bustling streets of Ajaccio. The harbour sports boutique eateries that serve local delicacies and boast a lively atmosphere. You may end up in a buzzy bar host live music!

    Nestle in Ajaccio
  • Day 7

    Adventure through Propriano

    On this day you will travel south to discover the coast of Propriano.

    Your morning will be spent on your waters toys as you glide through Rizanesse river and lose yourself in the glow of nature. Following the return to your motor yacht you may wish to explore more wonders of this side of Corsica, we recommend venturing to Calanova to visit the tower of Campumoru. The building dates back to the 1500s and sits in on the tip of a coastal hill providing views of the vibrant locale. 

    When you arrive in the small town Proriano, you will lunch at A Panattaria bakery and people watch. Following this will be a trip to the demure church where you will be given a tour of the beautifully decorated interior. For supper, you will dine at the decadent Le Mancinu before your evening stroll down the promenade. 

  • Day 8

    The sleepy town of Bonifacio

    After yesterday's activities in Propriano, you will head on towards Bonifacio for another day of rest and relaxation.

    The entrance into the town itself is between two high cliffs with the old fort overlooking the town, which you will get the chance to explore if you wish. The marina is lively and provides many fine restaurants that serve dishes from all over the globe. 

    The coasts are rarely full and provide you with tranquil waters to lul you to sleep as you lay on the beach. However, you may prefer to spend the day onboard your luxury charter yacht, to which we recommend you visit Porragia Island for some privacy. 

  • Day 9

    From Corsica to Sardinia

    On this day you will get your first taste of Sardinia when you arrive in La Maddalena.

    A group of some of the most beautiful islands in the whole of the Western Mediterranean, with a lively and colourful population of people from venders, galleria owners, and street performers. You'll spend the day venturing through the busy streets, doing a spot of shopping here, and there before you lunch at one of the family-run restaurants that line the cobblestone paths of the city.

    the Parco Nazionale dell’Arci offers an ideal anchorage for superyachts, with waters that boast a flourishing seabed of aquatic life and provide amazing conditions for scuba diving fanatics. To round of your day, you will return to your superyacht where you chef will prepare your supper to be served overlooking the the island of Sardinia. 

  • Day 10

    The Glitz and glamour of Porto Cervo

    Today you will relish in the exuberance and glistening delight of the highly exclusive Porto Cervo.

    The town is very expensive but certainly a place to visit after the peace and quiet of Corsica. In the height of the season, it can be difficult to berth here as the harbour gains a lot of attraction, especially with global jet setters. Due to the fact, Porto Cervo's nightlife is very highly regarded. 

    You will lunch at Blu or Parco Nazionale dell’Arci if you haven't already decided to visit Phi Beach Club for the day. During the evening you will pay a visit to one of the town's best hot spots, Billionaire Club, where you will no doubt party until the early hours of the morning. 

    However, if you prefer to spend your day in a more intimate setting, you will benefit from a trip to Petra Segreta where you will unwind exclusively at their luxury spa before dining at their award-winning restaurant that overlooks the coast. 

  • Day 11

    Isola Tavolara

    Isola Tavolara

    Run south to Isola Tavolara anchorage for a full day of relaxation.

    After last night's festivities, we imagine you ad your guests will want to relax and unwind for the entirety of the day. For this reason, you will be venturing to Isola Tavolara to recline onboard your luxury yacht with the breathtaking mountainous range as your backdrop. 

    Guests who are up for the challenge can spend the afternoon hiking the nature trail to the very tip and get an incomparable view of the sun setting over Sardinia.

    Isola Tavolara
  • Day 12

    An idle day in Capri

    Venturing towards mainland Italy, your final full day will be spent in Capri where you will spend the day exploring another exclusive and highly regarded hotspot.

    Your morning will be spent discovering the beauty of the local gardens in destinations such as Villa Lysis and Villa san Michele where the surrounding nature will put you in an enriching state of peace. Following this, you will have lunch under a blanket of lemon trees at restaurant Da Paolino. 

    Following a romantic stroll through the city centre, your afternoon will be spent on your luxury superyacht which will cruise towards one of Capri's natural wonders, the Blue Grotto. Here you can use the superyacht's toys to have fun in the dramatically turquoise waters explore the hidden coves. 

    Ending your day aboard your superyacht, your captain will cruise the coast of the island providing you with a gorgeous vista to accompany your final dinner onboard your charter yacht. 

  • Day 13

    Round off in Ischia

    On your final day, you will cruise over to the island of Ischia before you disembark Naples.

    Ischia is an attractive and colourful island just off of Naples, renowned for its amazing hotels and beautiful scenery. You will spend the day unwinding in the island's famed botanical gardens with waters rumoured to contain healing properties. For lunch, you will get the chance to dine Negombo resort's restaurant or wait until you return to mainland Italy where you will have Neopolitan cuisine at your disposal. 

    Although your charter may be over when in Naples there is still plenty of tourist attractions to occupy your time before the end of your vacation. For example, you may wish to visit the royal palace, or perhaps take a trip to the forgotten city of Pompeii. 

Itinerary supplied by:

Cristabel Nye

Cristabel Nye

Charter Broker, Camper & Nicholsons International

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