2 Day Caribbean Charter Itinerary - Bimini Islands to Cat Cay

A Classic Caribbean Weekend Charter

Ideal for Winter Season

A weekend in the Bahamas gives you a remarkable insight into what paradise really looks like. Visiting two completely different islands in the archipelago of islands, you will experience the Bahamian lifestyle at its very best.

  • Day 1

    Bimini Islands

    Bimini Islands

    After departing from Fort Lauderdale you will cruise over to the Bimini Islands. A small collection of three islands, this area can give you a little bit of everything in one place.

    Begin your Bimini experience with a spot of fishing in the mangroves for a fresh Bahamian lunch. The waters here are rich with fish so have a high chance of catching enough to keep you full until supper.

    Cool off from the Bahamian heat by taking your first dive in the Bahamas. Situated on the western coast of Bimini, you have the chance to be a historian. Dubbed as one of the possible locations of Atlantis, approach the seabed to see some stones which are believed to be a road or part of a wall. There are many debates as to the origin of these man made looking stones, so take a look for yourself and decide if you think it's a part of the legendary Atlantis.

    Back on the surface, you can relax your muscles from the dive in the popular healing hole. Known across the area for having healing properties, this pool contains many minerals including sulphur and lithium to help rejuvenate you.

    To finish off the day, head into Alice Town to enjoy some local delicacies and watch the sunset over a rum punch in one of the few bars overlooking the water.

    Bimini Islands
  • Day 2

    Cat Cay

    Cat Cay

    The private island of Cat Cay offers a more exclusive and luxurious day for you to enjoy the Bahamian sun.

    Away from cruise line, visitors can enjoy a location which is a members only island which also acts as an official point of entry to the Bahamian islands.

    The luscious beaches here are almost empty and well looked after. Sinking your toes into the super soft sand you spend the morning beach combing and hunting for shells to take home. What’s more, keeping fresh and hydrated is made easy with a cocktail bar close at hand to try the locally made rum.

    Finish your Bahamian weekend in style, with some fine cuisine at the Nautical Restaurant before taking a pleasant trip back to mainland Bahamas.

    Cat Cay
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