21 Day Charter Itinerary - Cannes to Bodrum
From France to Turkey: Every Yacht Charter Hotspot of the Mediterranean
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Day 1

21 Day Cannes Charter Itinerary - Cannes to Bodrum

From France to Turkey: Every Yacht Charter Hotspot of the Mediterranean

Ideal for Summer Season

Discover the very best of what the Mediterranean has to offer on this 21-day itinerary, which takes yacht-goers from the glittering French Riviera to the Turquoise Coast of Turkey via Corsica, Sardinia, Italy, the Aeolian Islands, and a beautiful array of Greek islands. Be amazed at the spectacular wealth of landscapes, cultures and historical riches you can experience in just three weeks aboard a superyacht.

  • Day 1

    Disembark in Cannes

    Get your Mediterranean yacht charter off to an exciting start by boarding in Cannes.

    Enjoy welcome drinks and cruise down to anchor off Les Isles de Lérins for a relaxing lunch and water fun. Spend the late afternoon in Cannes and explore the myriad of designer shops and boutiques with a pitstop at La Guérite beach club for some cocktails looking over the French Riviera. In the evening, go to the casino or venture to Medusa for a jaw-dropping cabaret spectacular. Alternatively, you may want to reserve a table at Baoli Cannes where you can dine on authentic French cuisine surrounded by a glamorous atmosphere.

  • Day 2

    St Tropez

    Spend the day anchored off St Tropez and the famous long stretch of beach at Ramatuelle, backed by pineclad hills. 

    For a party during the day, head for Club 55, an opulent bar/restaurant were dancing in the sunshine is a regular occurrence. In the evening, anchor off the popular town of St Tropez, or take a berth in the Vieux Port. Dining at La Vague d'Or is always a good choice and offers you a splendid variety of gourmet dishes to spoil yourself with. The world-famous Cave Roy is a perennial hot-spot or choose from the VIP room or the Papagayo. L'Opera is another trendy address in St Tropez for dining offering an Ibizan flare to the location.

  • Day 3


    Known as the jewel of the Balagne, Calvi will impress with its varied beauty.

    It is an imposing Genoese citadel with a pretty marina at its foot. Around the marina, there are some good bars and restaurants for you and your guests to choose from. Step into the back streets that are narrow, steep, cobbled and colourful and explore this quaint coastal town. Across the water, you will see the long stretch of sandy beaches backed by the pine-clad hills where you can spend your whole day unwinding on your luxury charter yacht. Make sure you take time to explore the enchanting medieval citadel, it is worth the climb.

  • Day 4

    Golfe D'Ajaccio

    Golfe D'Ajaccio

    The gulf of Ajaccio is beautiful; it is home to the capital of the island which was the birthplace of Napoleon.

    Ajaccio is a working town full of bustling streets, markets, palm trees, traffic, people, fountains, monuments and rickety buildings. Ajaccio has a charm and a buzz all of its own; step ashore for dinner or for a drink; sit back and watch the world go by. A sumptuous cathedral (1582), Napoleon’s house, and the Napoleonie and Fesch museums (primitive Italian paintings) are all places to visit.

    Golfe D'Ajaccio
  • Day 5


    Enter the harbour via a cleft in the rock face, and the beauty of this place will hit you.

    The old town is perched on impressive limestone cliffs providing amazing views of the Amalfi Coast. You can spend the whole day exploring the old citadel and strolling the pretty café and restaurant-lined harbour. Bonifacio is certainly one of the prettiest spots on the island and is certain to create memories that will last a life time.

  • Day 6

    La Maddalena

    Maddalena itself is the largest of twenty-three islands scattered amongst some of Sardinia’s most transparent seas.

    With its sheltered anchorages and sandy beaches, this paradise is irresistible to sailors. Spend a relaxing afternoon parading through the picturesque centre for a spot of shopping. Alternatively, you may wish to go scuba diving in Maddalena's refreshing waters and discover the underwater world teeming with aquatic life.

  • Day 7

    Porto Cervo

    Known as the shining capital of the exclusive Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo is located on Sardinia’s northeastern coast.

    Breathtaking views, crystal clear water, golf, tennis, great food and night-life are the main attractions and the area is blessed with many beautiful sandy beaches. In the morning you will visit Petra Segreta, a luxurious 5-star resort where you and your guests will indulge in relaxing spa treatments that will prepare you for the festivities of the evening.

    As evening approaches dine in one of the many fine restaurants in the town, such as Blu or Quattro Passi Al Pescatore. Alternatively, if you have the time you could visit some of the nightclubs in the area, most notably Billionaire Club, where you can rub shoulders with celebrity VIPs while overlooking the picturesque gulf from the terrace. 

  • Day 8


    Just off the coast of Naples and Salerno, between Cape Miseno and Amalfi, you will discover a great rock soars like a dream lost in the cobalt blue sea that surrounds it.

    This Mediterranean jewel, yearned for and exalted in some of the world’s most famous lyric poetry, is the island of Capri. In the morning you will visit Villa San Michele and wander through the intoxicating fragrant flowers, reflecting on the attractions millennial past and a peaceful charm. During the day explore the small coves and inlets for swimming, snorkelling and stunning scenery. There is also the famous Blue Grotto that has been known since the Roman times, and Emperor Tiberius chose it as his own personal nymphaeum (Roman monumental fountain).

    Later on, as evening approaches, explore Capri’s Piazzetta for a taste of the island’s glamorous social scene, people-watching the locals from the square’s elegant cafes, or venture to Da Paolino to dine under blossoming lemon trees and get a taste of Capri's culture.

  • Day 9


    Amalfi is a town in the region of Campania, at the mouth of a deep ravine, at the foot of Monte Cerreto (1,315 m) and surrounded by dramatic cliffs.

    Amalfi boasts exceptional cultural and natural scenic value resulting from its geography and historical evolution, the location is a popular tourist destination and sports ideal conditions for cruising superyachts. There are also plenty of excellent bars and restaurants to watch the sunset with a cocktail.

    Close by is the hillside town of Ravello which is also a popular tourist destination. You could spend a few hours exploring the public gardens of Villa Cimbrone or Villa Rufolo before you and your guests dine at Palazzo Avino for a decadent meal overlooking the crystalline waters of the Amalfi coast. 

  • Day 10


    On this day you and your guests will anchor by Strombolicchio, a privately owned island that provides excellent snorkelling and diving spots. 

    Stromboli’s ‘Black Giant’’ is a volcano that is constantly active and has erupted on many occasions; the last major eruption was on August 29th 2019. Other than breathtaking landscapes and natural vistas, Stromboli itself has little to offer. This is when numerous guided walks can be arranged to the summit (2.5 hr hike) or contour (400 m) that are fascinating. There is also a small dock on the northern side of the island with steep steps up to a lighthouse that provides unrivalled views of Stromboli. Return to your motor yacht for dinner floating while overlooking the sunsetting behind this majestic natural wonder.

  • Day 11



    This beautiful, medieval city set in a spectacular situation with Mount Etna as a backdrop.

    This beautiful, medieval city set in a spectacular situation with Mount Etna as a backdrop. Messina was a prominent city for centuries; of strategic importance to the Romans, to the Saracens it became the northern and Eastern limit of a Muslim dominion; and to the Normans, Messina was an essential foothold in their conquest of the island during the 11th century.

    Spend the day enjoying the many tourist attractions of the city, such as Messina Cathedral. You may also want to visit Orion Fountain where you can toss in a euro and have your deepest wish granted. Messina also provides many coastal taverns and restaurants that serve the fresh catch of the day - you may even stumble across an eatery that hosts late-night entertainment.  

  • Day 12


    Following yesterday's culture adventure through Messina, on this day you will travel to the historic Zakinthos, also known as the “Flower of Orient”.

    This spectacular Island is replete with beautiful flowers and pine-covered hills, surrounded by an emerald sea. You and your guests will spend the day lounging about the island's secluded beaches away from the hustle and bustle of tourism and get the opportunity to explore the wonders of the destination.

    Late in the evening, you will venture to the southern face of the island to what visitors refer to as the party region. However, while there you will discover many exclusive restaurants, bars, and resorts where you will be catered to in to the upmost degree of luxury. 

  • Day 13



    On this day you and your guests will venture to the quaint seaside town of Nafpaktos.

    Two magnificent towers guard the entrance of Nafpaktos port, offering you a magnificent entrance into this humble settlement. From your charter yacht, you will notice the Venetian Castle built into the hill that overlooks Nafpaktos, which you can climb for the most wonderful view of the Corinth Gulf.

    Mingle with the locals who can point you in the direction of nearby attractions or scenic vistas off the beaten path. Family-run bars and cafés in the lively port are perfect for enjoying a light lunch or a late afternoon drink while listing to live folk music. Before returning to your superyacht wander the coastline and get lost in it's romantic aura of this town 

  • Day 14



    Surrounded by lovely beaches and taverns, Galaxidi is a beautiful town which has a long history of shipbuilding.

    Meander through the streets until you find a cosy spot to have breakfast while you people watch the locals set up market stalls. Following this you will re-live the local history with a visit to the maritime museum. You will then have time to explore the evergreen forests and grottos that surround Galaxidi, feeling perfectly at ease while you take in the scenic view. Later in the afternoon you and your guests will cruise to nearby islands, uninhabited and waiting to host your supper while the day ends smoothly into the night.

  • Day 15

    Corinth Canal to Athens

    On this day, you will travel through the Corinth Canal crossing to Athens where you will spend the day exploring the iconic capital. 

    A once-powerful city with a rich ancient heritage, Athens is an essential stop on a luxury yacht charter. You can expect the locals to be welcoming and hospitable, providing you with directions to all the main attractions, such as the Temple of Olympian Zeus, or the Parthenon that overlooks the city and the glistening waters of the Aegean Sea.

    If you want to do some last-minute shopping, Athens boasts a variety of luxurious department stores and small intimate shops where you can find everything from designer clothes and accessories to bespoke and handcrafted gifts. In the evening you will dine on board your superyacht, or perch at a coastal restaurant to feast on the fresh catch of the day. 

  • Day 16



    Leaving Athens, you will venture south to the island of Kea.

    This small rocky and picturesque Island is outlined by breathtaking beaches and crystalline blue water, presenting a wonderful location for you and your guests to use the onboard tender for an exciting cruising experience. We recommend that you visit Pisses Beach, or if you wish for some privacy you can anchor at Xyla beach.

    The island's museum houses ancient artefacts from a lost civilization and will give you the first taste the Aegean Islands. In the evening you will dine at a local tavern for fresh fish, Greek salad, and fried calamari.

  • Day 17


    You will see the bright white buildings that roll down the island's hills from the distance of your superyacht. On this day you will venture to Mykonos

    One of the most cosmopolitan of all Greek islands, Mykonos has an international reputation and quite justifiably attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. Amongst them are many intellectuals, jet setters, and well-known artists. Offering you an exotic location, you will more than likely spend the majority of your time in Mykonos beachside or at a beach clubs such as Nammos or Principote Panormos.

    Local restaurants and cafes line the port, but you will also find many fine dining arrangements tucked away. Reserve a table at Cavo Tagoo Hotel or M-eating for a luxurious meal overlooking the ocean. The nightlife here presents a wild and exciting end to your day where you can drink and dance until the early hours of the morning.

  • Day 18

    Delos & Paros

    Today you will be dividing your time between two islands, beginning in Delos and ending the evening in Paros.

    The uninhabited island of Delos is one vast archaeological site. Its remarkable monuments today attract throngs of visitors who come to pay homage to a place that was once the cultural and religious centre of the Aegean. In Paros, you can visit the monastery of “Panagia Ekatontapiliani” meaning “With the hundred gates”. Out of them only 99 have been found. Try and locate the 100th. Paros also offers great landscapes and superb swimming locations. 

    After a day of exploring archaeological sites and wandering through cobblestone towns, you will return to your superyacht for a wonderful meal overlooking the water as you reflect on the rich history of these islands.

  • Day 19



    Continuing with your cultural lessons from the previous day, today you will visit the island of Kos.

    The ancient physician Hippocrates is thought to have been born on Kos, and in the centre of the town is the Plane Tree of Hippocrates, a dream temple where the physician is traditionally supposed to have taught. The small city is also home to the International Hippocratic Institute and the Hippocratic Museum dedicated to him. Near the Institute are the ruins of Asklepieion, where Herodicus taught Hippocrates medicine.

    If you prefer, you can just unwind by exploring this colourful little settlement. Be sure to visit the local stores for a spot of souvenir shopping, and try and squeeze a few hours by one of the island's many beaches, such as Therma Beach on the South Eastern Face of Kos. 

  • Day 20



    Discover the secret wonders of Tilos, considered to be one of the jewels of the Dodecanese archipelago.

    The mountainous terrain of the island has an abundance of plant and wildlife, and together with the magnificent views, makes this island a haven for walkers and indeed anyone who appreciates nature in general. The island’s capital, Megalo Chorio, some 6km inland, nestles at the foot of a Byzantine castle, with breathtaking views along fertile valleys out to Eristos Bay. A warm welcome awaits you in the tavernas and cafes on this very special island, perfectly rounding off the final full day of your luxury yacht charter. 

  • Day 21


    Today you will disembark in Bodrum, but will still have time to enjoy the charms of Turkey before you bring your Mediterranean adventure to an end.

    If there is time, why not take a quick tour around Bodrum castle, built by the Crusaders in the 15th century. This castle overlooks the harbour and the International Marina and include a Museum of Underwater Archaeology and hosts several cultural festivals throughout the year. Alternatively, you can visit Halicarnassus Moseluem, or if you just want to unwind and relax there are many fine resorts you can visit to round off your luxury charters such as Mandarin Oriental and The Bodrum Edition. 

    To wrap up we recommend dining at one of the local cafes where you can sip Turkish style coffee and ruminate on the wonderful experience you have had these past three weeks - you may even start planning you next yacht charter adventure. 

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