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8 Day Charter Itinerary - Poros to Fethiye
8 Days Exploring The Greek Islands
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Day 1

8 Day Poros Charter Itinerary - Poros to Fethiye

8 Days Exploring The Greek Islands

Ideal for Summer Season

On an incredible journey that will take you through not one but three groups of Greek Islands, this luxury charter yacht tour will be a holiday you will never forget. Starting off in the Saronic Islands and then progressing to the Cyclades and the Dodecanese Islands, you will see some typically Greek sights including the famed white washed buildings as well as hundreds and thousands of olive trees. Meeting up with your chosen luxury charter yacht in the Greek capital of Athens, you have a world of adventures waiting for you so stock up on supplies and meet your crew for the next 8 days.

  • Day 1


    You will embark on your Greece yacht charter in Athens, where you will have a few hours to explore the scene and some attractions such as the Parthenon.

    Your first journey will be a short and laid back; enjoy the breeze as you head out into open waters and catch your first glimpse of the fragrant pine forests of Poros. As two separate islands joined together by a bridge, these islands boast incredibly lush, green backdrops and a selection of pretty beaches. Strolling around the streets, you can get your first impression of the small family-run businesses which appear at every corner and the attractive neoclassical architecture.

    After trying some freshly prepared local cuisine at one of the cafes, explore the beaches for some relaxation time and perhaps a little beachcombing. As the night begins to draw in, take to the hills to walk through some of the rich vegetation and enjoy an impressive view of the Greek sunset.

  • Day 2


    Making your way to Hydra through the morning, there will be ample time for you to enjoy the warmth of the Greek sun as you take in the scenery drifting past you. The island of Hydra is still within the boundaries of the Saronic Islands and is a very popular stop off for luxury charter yachts.

    Away from cruise ships and mainstream tourists, the island of Hydra is noticeably quieter than many other islands you will visit because there are no cars allowed here. The only vehicles you will see are rubbish disposal related. Walking through the streets you can once again enjoy the charm of the local people and their businesses, which highly depend on the visitors to the island. 

    Cruising around the coast on your motor yacht you will see many natural harbours to anchor down in to enjoy the small beaches and quiet walks through the vegetation. An added bonus to the beauty of Hydra, is that there are also some natural springs on the island. Ideal of you feel you some revitalisation. Finish off your afternoon of exploration by dining at one of the local tavernas and trying some of the exquisite local cuisine, before then retiring to your luxury charter yacht to move on to your next destination.

  • Day 3


    Moving over into the borders of the Cyclades, the island of Delos is one like no other you have seen before. Despite being largely vacant and barren in places, this Greek island is believed to be the mythological birthplace of Apollo. Highly important to the Greek people, Delos is treated with every respect of a religious monument and is often the destination of pilgrimages.

    Archaeological sites are easy to find on Delos with a wide range of ruins for you to explore. One of the most popular historical sites to visit on the island is The Terrace Of Lions. Dedicated to Apollo himself, 7 lions still stand today as they guard the Sacred Way. The importance of these lions is comparable to the Sphinx found in Egypt. Another popular site to visit is the House of Dionysus. A picture-perfect appearance, the House of Dionysus features a selection of standing pillars and some partially intact mosaics.

    After an interesting morning of meeting various historical monuments from the Greek past, have a break for lunch on board your luxury charter yacht. The delicious combination of olives, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and raki will prepare you for an afternoon on the waves. Try some windsurfing or break out the jet skis to burn off some steam and slowly make your way across the waters to your next destination of Mykonos.

  • Day 4


    Start off your day in Mykonos with a big hearty breakfast to keep you going. This destination is well known for having an incredible night scene so pace yourself throughout the day to prepare for the evening's festivities.

    On arrival at the island, you can take some time to relax on the popular sandy beaches or jump straight in to exploring the terrain by moving up into the hills to see the 16th-century windmills. Most of the windmills were built by the Venetians but some construction work was not completed until the early 20th century. 

    As the afternoon draws to a close, indulge in a delicious and fulfilling meal at M-eating or Bill and Goo Gastronomy Project before heading into the heart of Mykonos for a night to remember. Being completely spoilt for choice on the nightlife scene, you can dance the night away in one of the local clubs with resident DJs and tribute acts or head to a chic and classy cocktail bar to work your way through the list of alcoholic concoctions. We recommend that you visit Principote Panormos or Nammos if you really want a night to remember. 

  • Day 5


    As you rest up from your exciting night in Mykonos, you can have a well-deserved lay-in before a refreshing swim in the waters of the picture-postcard island of Santorini

    As you disembark onto the island itself, you will notice that the beaches on Santorini are a shade of grey, rather than luscious golden colours found on other islands nearby. However, white beach provides recognisable bays where you and your guests can go snorkelling or use your waters toys.

    After feasting on some local cuisine at Bellonias Villas, you and your guests will visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri for a history lesson on Greece's Bronze age. Following this, you will venture towards the town to see the famed blue-domed churches and whitewashed buildings along the steep streets.

    Stop off in some of the family-run businesses along the way to pick up some Greek specialities including locally produced wine, which you can also find by visiting Santo winery. 

  • Day 6


    After two exciting days on some of the most popular islands of Greece, your day in Symi offers some time recuperate and enjoy the more traditional side of Greek culture and lifestyle. 

    To make the most of the island, make your way to the town of Yialos to witness some of the exciting summer festivals. Held every year from July to September, the Symi Festival consists of a series of free open-air concerts, dances and many other social events, all held in the town square. Enjoy at your leisure and take a quick tour of some of the beautiful churches before returning to your luxury charter yacht.

    Despite not having a huge amount of activities available, the island of Symi has some charming communities around the island who are warm and welcoming to all who visit. Anchor down at the quaint town of Galios to enjoy a long evening of indulgent hospitality and a setting which shows what traditional Greece is really like. From the pastel-hued buildings to the buzzy tavernas lining the harbour, this is one stop you won't forget in a hurry.  

  • Day 7


    As the largest of the Dodecanese Islands in Greece, Rhodes is undoubtedly one of the highest sought after escapes in the area. Even before anchoring down in the medieval harbour you can see what it is that attracts thousands of visitors every week of the year.

    After your time of unwinding in Symi, the bustling activity on Rhodes plunges you back into holiday mode as you venture through the winding streets and find some souvenir bargains, on route to your chosen restaurant for lunch. Indulge in a freshly prepared meal of local cuisine and wine before adventuring to some of the incredible historical sites on the island.

    A great place to start is the castle of Monolithos. Perched up above the settlements on the island, the ruins here sport some incredible views of the island as well as a magical insight into medieval times. The Old Town is another historical sight not to be missed. Walk along the wall to see some of the fortifications which once housed armed patrols before visiting a harbourside restaurant for a delightful meal and pretty views of the sunset.

  • Day 8


    On your final day, you will have cruised through the night and anchored down at Fethiye. Well known for having multiple rock tombs and natural blue waters, Fethiye is yours to explore at your leisure before making your way homewards.

    If your time is short at this last location, indulge in a hearty breakfast before disembarking your luxury charter yacht and then head towards the theatre of Telmessos. This ancient city of Telmessos was the foundations of the modern city you see today but it is precious places like by the harbour where you can see and truly appreciate the historical remnants of the past. The Hellenistic theatre was excavated in the 1990s and proves to be a popular tourist site for those interested in history and culture.

    Before ending your tour of the Greek islands, be sure to visit Hillside Beach club for one final meal overlooking the Mediterranean where you will recount the previous days' adventures and contemplate your next luxury charter yacht adventure.     

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