Amalfi Coast

7 Day Naples Charter Itinerary - Naples to Palermo

Discovering the Amalfi Coast and Sicily

Ideal for Summer Season

From the raw energy of Naples to the striking volcanic beauty of the Aeolian archipelago, this 7 day charter itinerary will take you on the Italian adventure of a lifetime.

  • Day 1

    Naples to Sorrento and Capri

    With its wealth of vibrant atmosphere and UNESCO listed historic centre, the city of Naples is the perfect way to start your Amalfi Coast crewed yacht charter vacation.

    You can spend some time exploring the city’s labyrinth of streets lined with boutiques, workshops and museums such as the Museo Archeologico Nazionale with the world's finest collection of Pompeiian frescoes and mosaics. As one of Italy’s culinary heavyweights, you can choose from an array of delicious lunch options before embarking in Marina di Stabia in the bay of Naples.

    Once on board your charter yacht, you can relax and enjoy views of rugged coastlines as you cruise to the cliff-perched seaside town of Sorrento - the gateway to the Amalfi Coast. You’ll then enjoy sundowners on deck as you make your way to the glamorous island of Capri for a fine dining experience under the stars.

  • Day 2

    Capri to Nerano

    Capri’s impressive landscape and old world Italian charm have long been a magnet for crewed charter yachts and the world’s artistic souls who find inspiration here.

    On a Mediterranean yacht charter vacation, Capri is a must-visit. The island was made famous in the 1950s when the glitterati would flock to the island in summer, and today it still retains its style. The two towns - Anacapri and Capri Town are mainly accessible by foot and both offer a combination of luxury and natural beauty, including the island’s most famous attraction - the spectacular Blue Grotto.

    There are also plenty of secret coves to find to enjoy a private spot of sunbathing for the afternoon before getting back on board to cruise to the crystal clear waters of Nerano. Dinner can be enjoyed on board, made by your own private chef or if you feel like heading ashore, the family-run and critically-acclaimed venue of Lo Scoglio is a popular stop-off.

  • Day 3

    Nerano to Positano

    On day 3 you continue your Italian journey by sea through the protected waters of Punta Campanella to pretty Positano.

    This popular town rises dramatically out of the blue of the sea as you approach and draws you into its sun-bleached peach, pink and terracotta buildings that wind steeply into the hills. The Ancient Romans built a number of villas on the coast of Positano, the ruins of which can be seen in the vicinity of the Church dell’Assunta while the Museo Archeologico Romano holds fragments of the original architecture and decorations. Enjoy an evening of dinner and drinks in trendy Il San Pietro before heading back to the comfort of your charter yacht.

  • Day 4

    Positano to Amalfi to Ravello

    Take in the views of Positano’s vertiginous landscape in the morning light with breakfast on deck before cruising along the beautiful Amalfi Coast to Amalfi and Ravello.

    Dubbed the ‘Pearl of the Amalfi Coast’ the town of Amalfi is known for its historical importance and green, verdant landscapes. Disembark your luxury yacht to explore the historic centre, Cathedral of Sant’andrea, and lemon groves where you can sample locally made limoncello. Mountaintop Ravello is more of a hidden treasure - stirring hearts with its cultured villas and musical history. Its summer festival sees more than 2000 classical concerts held in the town every year in homage to composer Wagner.

    On a crewed yacht charter you will have the freedom and flexibility to visit all of these lovely towns, as well as stopping in quiet anchorages or secluded coves to soak up the scenery.

  • Day 5

    Stromboli to Panarea

    Stromboli to Panarea

    After dinner, you take a night crossing towards the Aeolian Islands so that you’ll wake to enjoy the spectacular beauty of volcanic Stromboli.

    The island is home to one of the three active volcanoes in Italy, and a private guide can take you to explore its summit. While some of the island has been damaged historically by the volcano, the black sands and unusual settlements make in truly unique. You’ll then move on to the smallest of the Aeolian island’s - Panarea. It’s clear, warm waters make this a perfect spot to snorkel while the UNESCO protected bay of Cala Junco on the southern coast offers views you’ll never forget.

    Stromboli to Panarea
  • Day 6

    Panarea to Salina to Vulcano

    Panarea to Salina to Vulcano

    On day 6 you’ll make a morning departure from Panarea to the lush, green island of Salina.

    Here, simple white and pastel cubed houses, bushes of vivid pink bougainvillaea, trees overflowing with figs, lemons and grapefruit, and vines let you know you have reached your Mediterranean escape. Vulcano is famous for its thermal mud lake produced by the volcano located closely to the port area. After a dip in the mineral rich muds, you can rinse off in one of the nearby hot springs feeling totally refreshed. If you prefer your spa treatments in more of a luxury setting, you can head to the exclusive 5-star resort Therasia Resort.

    Panarea to Salina to Vulcano
  • Day 7

    Vulcano to Lipari

    Vulcano to Lipari

    On the last day of your charter, you’ll depart from Vulcano for your last stop Lipari.

    As the largest and most populated of the Aeolian Islands, Lipari is a fantastic way to end your week in style. Its typically Mediterranean landscape of vertiginous green hills and precipitous cliffs against blue waters is contrasted with the busy, pastel-front harbour. Here you can admire the ancient citadel that watches proudly over the town and explore the historic centre and ancient acropolis. There are also a number of sandy beaches along its coast to enjoy before you leave.

    Vulcano to Lipari
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