Amalfi Coast

7 Day Amalfi Coast Charter Itinerary - Naples to Sorrento

A Week On The Amalfi Coast

Ideal for Summer Season

Host to an incredible selection of small villages and tourist empires, the Amalfi Coast is a popular destination throughout the year which always delivers. Flourishing with stunning views, historical monuments and boundless amounts of limoncello, your luxury charter yacht will take you on a journey that you will never forget.

  • Day 1


    Kick start your time in Italy by meeting up with your luxury charter yacht in the historic city of Naples. Known as one of the largest cities in Italy, and the most bombed Italian city during the second world war, there is plenty to see when you arrive. After unloading your cases and drinking some perfectly chilled champagne, take some time to explore some of the beautiful city around you.

    The historic city centre of Naples covers 27 centuries worth of history, leaving no qualms as to why it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stunning buildings like the Palace of Caserta await your arrival but not until you've had lunch at one of the local eateries. What's for lunch? When in Naples the best lunch option is pizza, after all it did originate in this city.

    If you have some time before departing on your luxury charter yacht, a must see sight in the close vicinity of Naples are the Roman ruins of Pompeii. Undoubtedly one of the most famous locations in Italy, Pompeii is open for tourists to visit and catch a glimpse of the settlement that was smothered by Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

  • Day 2


    Cruising away from the Italian mainland, your first port of call is a small island in the Gulf of Naples called Procida. Created by the eruptions of four volcanoes, now dormant and submerged, Procida is a quaint little island popular for its beaches, pastel buildings and stunning scenery.

    After anchoring down in the harbour, climb ashore to visit some of the local businesses lining the harbour walls before indulging in a delicious lunch and locally produced wine. Burn off your lunch by making your way up a shaggy hill to the worthy point of interest known as Terra Murata. Not only are the views from the settlement utterly staggering, but there are some interesting historical structures to see at the same time.

    Exploring the higher grounds you can see some impressive medieval fortifications as well as a set of two long range cannons which date back to 1799. Another historical structure to visit is the Palazzo d'Avalos which dates even further back than the cannons. The 1563 structure has had quite a history of its own, including a spell of being a royal palace and a prison in 1830.

    If you love art there is one more stop to make before returning to your luxury charter yacht. The Abbey of San Michele holds a unique collection of masterpieces including an interpretation of St Michael defeating the devil.  

  • Day 3


    Another popular stop in the Gulf of Naples is the fishing destination of Ischia. Unlike other islands in the area, Ischia is very popular for its thermal springs. The hot springs which are full of natural goodness and minerals are a major pull to the island and you can find some of the best ones by Maronti Beach.

    After a refreshing treat in the hot springs, take a stroll across the stone bridge to visit a tiny island inhabited by an impressive Aragonese Castle. Built in 474 BC this castle has seen a lot of wars and developments over the many centuries it has dominated the island, including the high walls which were built to defend the castle against pirates and other invaders. While on the island take the time to visit some of the pretty churches, some of which date back to medieval times.

    Back on the main island of Ischia, you may have timed your visit right to see the annual Ischia Film Festival. Held in honour of all the works made to promote the local area, this festival is very popular with locals and tourists alike and makes a great experience you will never forget.

    One final point of interest involves you finally suiting up in your diving equipment. Below the waters of Cartaromana Beach are some Roman ruins for you to see. Suitable for any level of diver, this is an interesting and intriguing sight to see and the perfect way to cool off after a day of exploring.

  • Day 4


    On to your next port of call and it's time to release your purse strings. Capri is one of the most popular destinations on the Amalfi Coast which isn't hard to see once you've seen the rugged landscape and amazing shopping facilities. Taking your credit card for a spin in the many designer outlets, cast a glance out towards the bay to see some spectacular scenery as you shop.

    In addition to the shopping area of Capri, the other main tourist attraction is on the water itself. Taking your tender for a ride, make your way to the Blue Grotto. Seemingly just a dark cavern at first, this natural marvel holds an incredible gift on the inside. Created by the sun shining through an underwater cave beneath the cavern the water inside the dark space glows an incredible shade of electric blue. If you love natural wonders and seeing mother nature at her best, this is an attraction not to be missed.

    After a freshly prepared Italian lunch, there are some more great sites to visit on the island including seven museums and the ruins of some Imperial Roman villas. Much of the structures still stand, giving you a great idea as to how the Roman's lived here, plus the villas make for some great photos.

    After seeing the villas there's one more popular tourist destination to visit to complete your trip to Capri. The Gardens of Augustus, originally known as the Krupp Gardens, offer unbeatable views of the waters below the island. Surrounded by flourishing blooms of flora and fauna, the botanical gardens are a popular retreat to stop and watch the world go by or for a quiet picnic.

  • Day 5


    Nestled in the bottom of Mount Cerreto, Amalfi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, immediately making it a worthy point of interest when yachting through the Amalfi Coast. Once a popular holiday destination for upper classes and the aristocracy, Amalfi continues to attract flocks of visitors and it never fails to impress.

    The ideal starting place for exploring Amalfi is the 11th century St Andrew's Cathedral. Dominating the medieval architecture protected in Amalfi, the cathedral holds some incredible artwork dedictaed to the patron saints and shows some distinct structural references to the baroque era.

    Another historical monument to see is the Arsenal of the Maritime Republic. Largely affected by coastal erosion the stone structure was once the main hub of activity for building and repairing warships. Now acting as an art exhibition, the Arsenal makes an interesting visit and also promises some exciting views of the surrounding waters.

    Before returning to your luxury charter yacht for a freshly prepared supper, make a last trip to the local businesses surrounding the harbour to pick up some traditional handmade paper, bambagina, and some of the popular locally produced Limoncello liqueur.

  • Day 6


    Tucked away in the crevices of the mountains, Positano is a beautiful hidden treasure with a fishing background. Now extremely popular for the locally produced limoncello and L'Albertissimo, Positano is a hidden retreat which offers peace, culture and stunning scenery.

    Start off your day by having a swim in the cool waters in the bay. If you fancy a closer look at the world underneath the waters, change in to your snorkelling gear to see all the delightful marine creatures who inhabit the bay.

    After an exquisite lunch on board your luxury charter yacht, head ashore to see the compact streets of Positano and visit the Santa Maria Assunta church. Topped with a stunning tiled dome, this church is a beacon in the town and makes a pretty icon when looking down at the settlement from above. A statue inside the church of the Madonna is said to have been abandoned by pirates after a ghostly scare in a storm just off the coast.

    In the evening you are spoilt for choice in dining options. There are plenty of local businesses lining the harbour which offer freshly caught and prepared food, as well as the popular limoncello for afters.

  • Day 7


    One of the most well known Italian destinations awaits you on your final day along the Amalfi coast. Sorrento remains as popular today as it has been over the decades, due to it's incredible food, warm weather, impressive historical sites and the welcoming hospitality.

    Sorrento is the best place on your Amalfi Coast tour to purchase some great souvenirs to take home with your shopping trip taking you to the Piazza Tasso. Based in the centre of Sorrento, the Piazza hosts many local businesses which sell locally produced goods including limoncello, ceramics and lace. While in the area, take a break at one of the small cafes to indulge in an Italian lunch of olives and antipasti.

    For the remainder of the day take in the sights starting with the 14th century monastery of St Francesco. The stunning building is a scared monument open to the public and boasts some impressive historical artefacts and a wealth of knowledge. Also from the 14th century, but rebuilt in areas, is the Cathedral of Sorrento.

    If there's time at the end of your busy day you can spend more time at the incredible location of Mount Vesuvius which offers unrivalled views of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

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