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14-01-201402-02-201414th Jan - 2nd Feb 2014

Running throughout January, the 2014 Music Festival will provide a spectacular range of live dance and music from principals and soloists from around the globe.

A wonderful range of soloists, string quartets, jazz sextets, orchestras, singers and operas will raise the rooves of churches across the island of St Barts once more for the intimate St Barts Music Festival.

The island provides the ultimate setting for the Festival, with plenty of beaches to relax on during the day and duty-free shopping on the port of Gustavia to enjoy. At night it is time to select the best available spot to enjoy some of the world's best live music and dance.

Ticket's do not need to be purchased in advance of the festival, you can simply turn up and get them at the door or buy them from the tourist office. Children under 12 are admitted for free.

With no reserved seating, it is advisable to turn up early to secure the best spot you can.

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The island provides the ultimate setting for the Festival, with plenty of beaches to relax on during the day and duty-free shopping on the port of Gustavia to enjoy.


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	<span style="font-size: 12px;">Saint Barth&eacute;lemy, or St. Barts, as one of the chicest islands of the <a href="/caribbean-yacht-charters-1.htm">Caribbean</a>, offers breathtaking natural beauty from its crystal-blue waters to the peak of its highest mountain. Found between the <a href="/virgin-islands-yacht-charters-690.htm">Virgin Islands</a> and <a href="/st-kitts-and-nevis/st-kitts-and-nevis-luxury-yachting-gallery-686.htm">St. Kitts</a>, the island is world renowned for its glamourous clientele who are enticed by its blend of Caribbean charm and European sophistication.</span></p>
	<span style="font-size: 12px;">You could come across everyone: from honeymooners to families and from rock stars to A-list actresses here who come to enjoy its beaches and party atmosphere. Be sure to visit Baie St. Jean on your St. Barts yacht charter for the best of what the island has to offer and move on for drinks at Nikki Beach.</span></p>

    About St Barts

    Fragrant scents of sugar, spices and bougainvillea flowers fill the air along with sweet calypso rhythms and the energetic chattering of vibrant street cafés. Oozing with style, effortless glamour and that famous laid-back Caribbean charm, the rocky outcrop of St. Barts holds a unique blend of cultures and experiences amongst its idyllic shores.

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	To experience the archetypal Caribbean Island beach, head to the mile-long white sand stretch of Dickenson Bay. Whether watching the sailing yachts glide through the azure waters or chilling out in one of the beach bars, this lively beach is perfect for enjoying the <a href="/caribbean/caribbean-luxury-yachting-guide-1.htm">Caribbean</a> hospitality. For charter guests who are looking for something quieter then travel south of Dickenson Bay to the Runaway Bay &ndash; also beautiful but more secluded.&nbsp;</p>

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    Saturated with sun, this dazzling location offers the epitome of a paradise vacation, with sugar white sun-kissed beaches, a warm climate and beautiful scenery all year round. The Caribbean offers abundant water sport opportunities, clear blue skies and inviting azure waters. This captivating location is brimmed with aquatic life which surrounds dozens of picturesque islands, each unique in character and charm.

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